Fair Share In Slavery

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I believe there is a big difference between taking everything and getting your fair share. The law (known in Canada as the Family Law Act) was created to protect the rights of both parties in the event of a marital break up (common law for both heterosexual and homosexual couples are included in the Canadian Act)

Just because your a "slave" doesn't mean you don't still need certain things in order to survive, certainly money, property are one of those nasty things we can not pretend to forget.

This is my opinion only, but I feel anyone who sincerely believes that they are entitled to the whole of marital property and resources is very deluded. In any relationship you both contribute to the family (even if your a housewife), and therefore you both are entitled to your equal share if the relationship dissolves. Slavery has nothing to do with it, it's a matter of economics and reality. It would also be my opinion that anyone who does try to convince their partner they are not entitled to their share is trying to have their cake and eat it too.

No one wants a break up, but certainly living with the idea that your not getting a red penny is only one tool of many that men and women both use to get what they want, it is selfish and manipulative to say the least. What a better way to control someone in a soured relationship then by mental force, for all intense and purposes, that is just as great a force as getting your face beat in, and it works far to many stay in such a relationship because they feel stuck.

It is only by your own ignorance you loose out on your rights in a break up, therefore men and women should get to know the Family Law of their land very well, in order to protect themselves and their own future.



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