Fully Exposed, Totally Vulnerable and Completely Turned On

Author: Bob Harris ©

used with permission. This article was originally written for the section of Gloria Brame's website called "Perspectives Of A Male Submissive"


The command was simple but all that was required. "The dungeon is waiting for you boy. Go make yourself ready." The boy stood naked in the dungeon doorway, pausing briefly to absorb the atmosphere that lay before him. The room was calming, inviting. he felt the welcoming warmth of the soft lighting accentuated by the glow of flickering candles. The strains of ancient chants floated around him, embracing him in a sweet enchantment.

Walking to the center of the room, the boy picked up the wrist and ankle restraints his Master had placed there for him along with a blindfold. Slowly, carefully, he attached the restraints. his breath getting deeper, more rhythmic as each were buckled. He let his eyes roam for one last feast of all that surrounded him. Then, after a last lingering look at the cross that stood before him, he drew a deep breath, dropped to a kneeling position, closed his eyes and strapped the blindfold in place. The journey had begun.

Every nerve, every cell in the boy's body began tingling with excitement. His mind raced in anticipation, filled with thoughts of what his Master might have planned. He could feel the rush of adrenaline beginning to pulse through his veins and the intoxication of the endorphin high slowly engulfing him. And in that quiet moment, with the sounds of the chants in his ears the only external stimulus, he could sense the energy radiating from the room joining with his own, filling him with power. A slight but distinctive movement in the air told him that his dark angel was there, watching over him, protecting him, guiding him. Though naked and vulnerable, the boy felt no fear. Just a calming peace.

It may have been five minutes or five hours. The boy had lost all sense of time: time was of no concern to him now. He did not hear his Master enter the room but could feel Him approaching. The excitement was exploding within him as his Master lifted him up, guided him towards the cross and turned him so that, when tied, it would be his front that would be exposed for his Master's use and pleasure. In this most vulnerable of positions it took only a mere touch of the rope on his skin to cause the boy to get an instant, raging erection. Master was more than pleased.

It's no secret. Males prize their cock and balls. After all, they define our "manhood". So valuable are they to us that we refer to them as our "family jewels". To show them how special they are, we give them pet names and develop personalities for them. It's almost as if they were living creatures themselves, attached to our bodies but with a life all their own, which they may actually have as we all know that they have their own brain.
Our infatuation with them begins at a very early age, basically from the time when we first learn to "go potty". Of course our love affair begins the first time we discover that it has a second function. One pubescent orgasm and we're hooked for life. After that, we develop an ever-increasing respect for those lovely, sensual, wonderfully pleasurable appendages.

We also learn, again usually at an early age, that they can also be the source of some of the most excruciating pain known. And it doesn't take much of a hit to cause that pain either. We become pretty damn protective of those overly sensitive little guys once we have felt how much they dislike being banged around.

With that great mixture of being able to provide the most incredible physical pleasure as well as the most intense physical pain, it's no wonder they become a prime target in the dungeon. It's also why, for many male submissives, including me, being put in a position where they are fully exposed, and you can't protect them, becomes one of the most --if not the most--favorite aspects of submission. It's an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. The well-being of the most delicate, most precious pieces of flesh our body has to offer is no longer under our control. Instead, they are now left open to whatever form of manipulation and torture our Dominant has planned for them.

The feeling of extreme vulnerability. For me at least, that is what makes being a submissive in SM play so exciting . It's a turn on mentally as well as physically. It doesn't require much to produce that feeling either. The mere act of being naked, and knowing the reason for being naked is to provide Sir full access to any part of me, whenever He desires, is enough. He doesn't even have to be physically present. It's still a reminder that i belong to Him and of the pleasure that comes in serving Him, pleasing Him as best i can. A reminder that i have chosen, freely and willingly, to always be available, ready to provide Him with what He wants when He wants it.

But the best part is having my Master take advantage of that vulnerability. Being restrained spread eagle while He tugs, pulls, or does whatever else He wants to my fully and easily accessible cock and balls, has the greatest effect in helping me maintain my submissive headspace on a 24/7 basis. More so than any other aspect of submission. More so than any other type of SM play or any other type of service i may perform. Maybe because it provides both the satisfaction of serving and the pleasure of being able to fulfill His needs and desires. Add to that the reassurance that He is still physically attracted to me, that He is still pleased and stimulated by my physical appearance, that i still stimulate Him sexually, and am still able to stimulate and fulfill His SM desires. Anyone can provide Him equally good service. Anyone can provide Him the pleasure He receives in being served. But not just anybody can give Him exactly what i can, what He sees in me that stimulates Him both mentally and sexually. That's my special gift to Him.

Standing naked, exposed, vulnerable, the mere sight of Sir approaching, a piece of rope in His hand, the faint beginnings of a menacing smile on His lips and instantly, this boy gets a raging hard-on. Master looks more than pleased.






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