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This web site started a few years ago as a simple few pages designed to explain and promote the channel on IRC. Since then it has grown from a site containing 10 pages to one with over 630 pages of BDSM related articles, stories, poems, jokes and links; plus an extensive directory of books, toys, implements and more for sale in the mall section. It's focus has switched from channel business only, to encompass and promote a healthy point of view on the lifestyle. My hope is this is done without bias to the many variants of the lifestyle. I also sincerely hope for this site to be of educational value to those who view it. To better meet my goals, I obtained a domain name for the site in 1998, making it easier to find and bookmark. 

Some articles were written expressly for LnR by others in the lifestyle and are used here with permission of the author. Those articles are to show how the lifestyle works for them, and give an idea of the many different ways one can enjoy BDSM. Not every article represents the beliefs of the site owner, and are not intended to. If you have an article or writing you would like to submit, please feel free to do so at any time. Please E-mail ( your work to Raven directly and be sure to include the copyright information and an e-mail and/or web-site link to be included on the page if you wish it. Thank you to all who have submitted their work to LnR, you have helped make the site a great one!

There is a site map on every page, as well as a text map of links to the major sections. The home button on every page will return you to this page. The back or return buttons on other pages will return you to the main page of the section they are linked to. Each article is written from the point of view and experience of the author. Not every article will be applicable to you or your life. I have attempted to present articles from every viewpoint in which someone submitted something to the site. Such a varied amount of information is used here because I feel it is important for people to have a lot of information with which to decide what is right for them and what is not. 

The channel was created in November 1996 on the undernet originally. It can now be found on the IRC server The channel has gone through quite a bit of growth. The creators decided to make the channel a kind of mix between fantasy and reality. Many of those in LnR have real life experience with BDSM and vivid imaginations as well. So the creators set the channel in a castle and gave it a kind of medieval theme. Many of those who started with the channel have since moved on to other things, but many have stayed. Those who stayed have forged a very real bond with one another. A sort of on-line family. The LnR family has supported each other through triumphs, defeats and everything in between. 

The regulars of the channel have switched focus from the fantasy base of IRC to a more realistic focus. To this end the channel is now host to weekly discussion nights on topics pertaining to BDSM and it's many variants. As well, the web site shifted focus to reflect this change in the people in the channel. LnR also hosts an e-mail discussion list on BDSM and a posting board here on the site. Channel regulars come from all over the globe. 

The channel retains it's fantasy base as well. Though it is not as often touched upon as the reality base. You will still find lots of IRC goofing off, magic, and other silliness in LnR. As well, LnR remains a channel that allows scening for those who wish to do so. 

Many channels do not survive this long on IRC. People change, and seek out different things. Many seek simple on-line thrills, many seek a more home like atmosphere. LnR has always provided a bit of both, and the family members of LnR prove this time and time again. We are always willing to discuss BDSM, imparting what we know to those who are new and learning new things ourselves in the process. 

Enter through the large wrought iron doors and you will be greeted warmly by those already there. Sit down, make yourself at home and enjoy LnR. Remember, be respectful, play nice, and have fun! 

warm regards, 
Raven Shadowborne



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