What Is A Mistress?

Author: Mistress Michelle Peters © 2003

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What is a Mistress???? What makes a Mistress? I'm finding out every slave has a different idea what a slave is! Some may disagree but I think most things are structured towards the male. Let's face it men run the government; run most businesses, it’s basically a man's world. Not to say things aren’t changing. In practically every phase of society, it is the male's perspective and will that remains dominant. Even during the turbulent past two decades during which time women have joined forces to establish their own liberation, it has been the male who has maintained a firm grip on just how far the feminist revolution will go.

There are, however, small pockets of true persistence that are not only alive and well but growing at an astounding rate. These guerrilla armies slinging their arrows at the sexist battleground employ as their troops an emerging majority known simply as the dominant female!

The dominant female as opposed to her younger sister, the feminist, is not a political animal, nor is she determined to right the wrongs of the male world in which she lives. She is not crusader, nor is she a firebrand. Instead, she is an individualist who has reached a deep understanding of the very natural powers, which the female holds over the male.

The dominant female comes to us from all walks of life. She may emerge from the ranks of the housewife, or from the dungeons of the professional dominatrix. She may be a college student, or a divorcee who finally gained an, understanding of the power that she holds over the male. Their backgrounds are varied and many, their ranks are growing.

The recent explosion in the number of dominant females has many causes. Over the past few years, millions of books have been sold in which the authors attempt to explain this phenomenon. The most common theory revolves around the role of men and its modulations within the male/female relationship. The premise simply states that males in modern society have grown tired of the pressures placed upon them to be macho, and have begun seeking ways in which to diminish the roles that are called upon them to play. In so doing, they have created a void, which out of natural necessity must be filled. And it is not natural that the woman steps into bridge the gap. So, it is not the so much the desire of women to dominate that has created this phenomenon, but the lack of motivation on the part of the male to sustain the traditional power base that has resulted in this new kind of woman.

The dominant female of modern society is apparently here to stay. Expression of her new power is evidenced in all phases of our lives from High Fashion industry extolling the dominatrix to the average housewife, who is beginning to demand personal satisfaction in and out of the bedroom. The woman of today has come a long way in her relationship with men, and being led by that select cadre of sisters known as dominant women. They are determined and a most powerful group. They are the "Mistresses of the World!"



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