Silent Rules Of Bondage

Author: Mistress Michelle Peters © 2003

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There are certain rules and principles that all devoted bondage enthusiasts stick to. Little known rules that are never mentioned, but both participants go by. An experienced bondage fan knows how far he can go with their slave without harm and knows what NOT to do and for how long a person can be kept tied in different items. It is imperative that a beginner also know, so that he or she does not do harm - either inflicting or receiving.
Bondage is becoming more popular all the time. More people are realizing and looking for the enjoyments bondage can bring. Because of this new influx of beginners, I feel it a must to write this article to explain to the beginners that bondage is for pleasure, not pain. The little things you read like—Sue was tied in outlandish position for over night, is written only for fantasizing and reading enjoyment. Yes! It is part of the game to tell your slave — "you're going to be gagged, blindfolded, etc., etc., for hours, or even overnight. But, this is part of the excitement! The tantalizing idea and feeling that this might happen! A human being cannot withstand severe bondage for any length of time.

Hold it! Yes, I know. Some of you old timers at bondage are saying, "We've had overnight sessions." Yes, I agree! But, if a person is to be tied down overnight the way it should start is thus: Subject tied up good at first, gags and all. Pretend he or she will have to spend the night this way. (Don't leave the room!) Before retiring take blindfold and gag off slave. NEVER, EVER leave a gag on overnight. An hour is the maximum a gag should be kept on ANYONE. Leaving a blindfold on overnight is really up to both parties. I'd like to hear comments on that! I personally think that it a blindfold is put on, it should be done loosely so that after you leave, slave can wiggle it off.

Now, for overnight subjects, legs should NOT be forced up behind them or to any position that would cause cramping after a while. Legs should be tied straight out, either to bedposts or whatever. Hands should not be tied behind the back for the whole night. They should be positioned at the sides or cuffed together at wrists. Our hasp cuffs are good for this as they lock. A rope, chain or strap should lead from the wrist cuffs to the foot of the bed so the subject cannot lift their arms upward. Bed straps should be put around upper torso to guarantee slave can't get off the bed or bend. Some devotees would use a locking neck strap attached to the front of the bed, leaving the feet secured and top of the body so he has no way of reaching top or bottom. This is debatable (using neck strap) as you want to take all precautions that your slave will not hurt himself the 8 or so hours he is tied alone. An overnighter should be made as comfortable as possible. No matter how comfortable you tie him, he will still be sore in the morning. Spike heeled shoes or boots tied on to feet will be just enough to make him uncomfortable but not painful. A couple of rubber or leather straps around shoulders and arms should be O.K.
Now! Never use a single glove arm- bind for more than an hour maximum preferably 30 minutes. If you are going to use a gag, never leave the room. Always check to make sure the subject is breathing normally. If there is the slightest irregularity, take it off saying; "I'm going to take this off for a couple of minutes so you can answer some questions." You can put it back on again after a short while, BUT take it off again at a shorter interval of time. If you're going to use a mask, do so with extreme care. Some people might not think they have claustrophobia but learn fast that they do when a mask takes away all senses.

These are only a few of the basic precautions, use your common sense of safety when trying something or someone new to you.






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