On Being A Mistress

Author: Mistress Michelle © 2003

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Every day I get e-mail from slaves who ask me, "Mistress what do you do your sessions consist of and how long do they last?"

If I get another e-mail like that I'll scream! Sessions consist of what I want them to! However a good Mistress works within the limits of a slave. Sessions are as long as I say they are, I don’t set and watch the clock. I have said many times you slaves do not know what a real Mistress is!

A Mistress is not a prostitute or a actress. We are Mistresses absolute in our power able to take the moon in our hand, light the sky with flame; we are great in our power! You (slaves) must remember you were placed in this world for one reason and that is to serve your Mistress, no other reason. You are here to serve and to serve to the best of your ability. If a slave leaves the presence of his Mistress, he should try harder to worship his Mistress so that his Mistress will be proud of him or her.

I expect certain things from slaves:

  1. You can be a novice but you should know something about the subject, one way would be from reading.
  2. Answer any questions from your Mistress truthfully and honestly, do not lie. Your Mistress will catch you in a lie, so tell the truth!
  3. Wear presentable clothing and always be clean when visiting your Mistress.
  4. Follow instructions properly, such as area to go or to call from, be on time.
  5. Have the correct token amount and have it ready. That means when entering the room, and do not speak unless your Mistress allows you to do so.
  6. If you cant make your appointment, call your Mistress in plenty of time to re-schedule your appointment. But keep your appointments, if you have to re-schedule leave a tip.
  7. Mistresses like gifts, cards , flowers, try to go beyond what's expected of you.

Hope this helps you

The above article is copyright to Mistress Michelle, all rights reserved. Please do not copy, reprint or post without her permission.







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