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Below you will find links to various FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about BDSM, fetishes and/or sex. If you know of another FAQ that is on the web and is not listed here, please submit the URL via the feedback form or by e-mailing the webmaster at webmaster@leatherNroses.com. Thank you!


Alternative Bodyart FAQ 

Alt.Polyamory FAQ

Alt.sex.enemas FAQ

Alt.sex.fetish.feet FAQ 

Bondage Reference 

Bullwhip FAQ 

Fetish Party FAQ

Flagellation Factsheet

Giving and Receiving Erotic Massage 

Grim's Guide to Flogging 

Guide To Erotic Flogging

Information on Chastity Belts 

Information On Safer Sex And BDSM

Out of the Shadows: About BDSM, Part 1 

Out of the Shadows: About BDSM, Part 5

Piercing FAQ

References On Safe Oral Sex

Sexuality.org (FAQ's and other ifnormation on many different sexual practices, including BDSM)

Soc.sexuality.spanking FAQ 

Soc.Subculture.Bondage-BDSM FAQ

Tattoo FAQ






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