Red Subby Tart

Author: VaporLink ©

Whenever possible, permission to use a joke is gained from the author.



 Active Ingredient: 
one willing bottom

Miscellaneous ingredients seasoned to taste: 
1.) 1 flogger
2.) 1 bucket of ice
3.) 1 towel
4.) 1 small knife
5.) 1 candle,
6.) and a lighter

Step 1.) place the bottom in your favorite flogging position
Step 2.) beat until red
Step 3.) chill with ice
Step 4.) remove excess moisture with towel
Step 5.) repeat step 2
Step 6.) repeat step 3
Step 7.) repeat step 4
Step 8.) mix to a even consistency, or, until your bottom is thoroughly mixed up
Step 9.) place knife in bucket of ice and then light candle
Step 10.) drip wax thoroughly, covering all pre-redden surface areas 
Step 11.) freeze wax to a hard shell
Step 12.) remove knife from ice 
Step 13.) begin to remove wax from your bottom
Step 14.) remove wax remnants with flogger of your choice, and your done

Well, that's all there is to it, 14 easy steps to get yourself a "red subbie tart" doesn't that look tasty?

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