World's Shortest BDSM Manuals

Author: Alkallah © 1998

Whenever possible, permission to use a joke is gained from the author.


· My Experiences in the Scene by Eva A. Wannabe
· Polish Rope Bondage
· Lorena Bobbit's Guide to CBT
· Personal Limits by Dennis Rodman
· Bullwhip Mastery in 5 Minutes by Ima Dreamin
· Being Submissive by Bill Gates
· The SAM's Book of Manners
· Domming for Dummies
· Medical Play by Jack Kevorkian, M.D.
· Cooking with Scat
· People I Would Never Play With by Madonna
· My Life in Drag by Rev. Jerry Falwell
· Out of the Closet: The Politician's Guide to Public Perversion
· Brilliant Career Moves by Marv Albert
· Disney's Guide to Wholesome Family Perversions
· Erotic Strangulation by the Boston Strangler
· Fisting Safely by Captain Hook
· The Pervert's Guide to Right Wing Acceptance
· The Fine Art of Negotiation by Howie Dodat
· My Kinky Lovers by Van Ila
· Safe and Easy Knife Play by Vincent Van Gogh
· Safe, Sane and Consensual Kinks by Ted Bundy
· Inescapable Bondage by Harry Houdini
· Consensual Biting by Mike Tyson
· Acceptable Kinks by John Paul II
· Polyamorous Marriages by Mother Theresa
· You Too Can Be A Gorean Slave Girl by Hillary Clinton
· Corset Training - How to Get The Figure That Drives Men Wild by Roseanne Arnold Barr
· Dominance - Your Attitude is Everything by Steven Wright
· Consensual Non-consensuality by Monica Lewinsky


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