Public Humor

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Whenever possible, permission to use a joke is gained from the author.


I went to a UNC Men's basketball game down at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill. 
Just before half-time, I went to the men's room to relieve all that soda I had been drinking.  In the men's room at the Dean Dome, the urinals are really one long urinal with water flowing down the entire length of it, constantly, and everyone just stands where ever there's room and does their thing.  Well, I was down, almost to the far left end and I took My fly down and pulled all of My equipment out, which I do now, since I've heard of people getting their piercings stuck in their zipper, and although that has never happened to Me, I don't want to have to explain any part of that to anybody!  Then, while I was relieving Myself, in walked a little boy, no more than 8 or 9 and stood to My left at the end of the urinal thing.  He was trying to be a little boy, and do his thing in the most inconspicuous manner, when I happened to glance over at him.  He had looked over in My direction, and looked at My penis, and saw the piercings.  His mouth dropped, jaw wide and his eyes got as big as silver dollars.  He stopped midstream, stuffed himself back in his pants, zipped himself up and tore ass out of the bathroom screaming, "Daddy, daddy!"

I try to use private stalls in public places sense in traumatizing 
today's youth, and tomorrow's lawmakers!


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