Nursery Rhymes BDSMised 1

Author: Raven Shadowborne ©

Whenever possible, permission to use a joke is gained from the author.

This Little Subbie 

This little subbie went to the strip club (fun subbie) 
This little subbie stayed home (bored subbie) 
This little subbie got spanked (happy subbie) 
This little subbie couldn't cum (without permission, frustrated subbie) 
And this little subbie went "More Master More!" All night long 

Jack and Jill 

Jack and Jill went up the hill 
thier favorite place to play 
With whips and paddles 
cuffs and canes 
Jack tortured Jill 
Jill jumped Jack knocking him down 
both tumbled down the hill 
cumming all the way 

Little Jack Horner 

Little Jack Horner 
Sat in a corner 
nursing a red behind 
He whimpered softly while rubbing his tushy 
and whispered.."What a bad boy am I!" 

One Two ..subbies amused 
three four...strap 'em to walls and floors 
five six... make them twitch with straps and canes on bare behinds 
seven eight...send them to space 
nine ten..begin again 

Mary Had A Little Sub 
Mary had a little sub 
his skin as white as snow 
everywhere that Mary went, the sub was sure to go 



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