How I Freaked Out The MRI Technicians

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 1999

Whenever possible, permission to use a joke is gained from the author.


This is a true story of my experience having an MRI in May 1999. I found it hilarious, and hope you do to. 


I went in for the appointment and the MRI machine was in a truck behind the building. The towns here, being so small, use a mobile MRI unit and share it with each city. Anyway, I go into the truck with this older man (I'd say about 60, all white hair) and he points to a little pink plastic bucket (the wash basins you get in the hospital) and tells me to put all my jewelry in there. Mind you, there is no changing room.  

I look at him and say, " problem, the only jewelry I wear I need to remove my blouse and bra to remove them.I have nipple rings."  

This man's eyes got SOOOOOO round I had to supress a giggle. He said "Oh!"  

The person giving the test itself turns to me and says "Can you take them out?"  

I said "Yes I can, if I have to..would it be possible to leave them in?"  

He says "What are they made out of"  

I said "Surgical steel and onyx"  

He said they would have to come out. 

Now, the truck had no "changing room" so I turned my back and removed my bra while leaving my blouse on (women know how to do this, I call it a bra-ectomy) That got their eyes to go even wider. All I could think of was they'd never seen a woman take their bra off without removing their shirt before. I giggled a bit softly and took the rings out, dropping both the bra and the rings into the bucket. I swear the older guy looked like he was about to have a heart attack right there. I smiled sweetly and said.."ok..all set" 

The younger guy took it in stride, didn't really bat an eyelash about the rings. Was even nice enough to let me use the room the machine itself was in to put the rings back in so I would have some privacy. He didn't ask any questions, but the older guy did. He asked me if it hurt to have them in, and I said no not at all. Most of the time I don't even know they're there. He said it must have hurt real bad to have them done. I said nope, my back hurts more than it did getting the rings done.  

When I got back in the car I just busted a gut laughing and told my friend who had drive me to the appointment about what happened. The two of us laughed most of the way home. 


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