Another MRI Story

Author: Sir Bamm © 1999

Whenever possible, permission to use a joke is gained from the author.



 I had just recently had two lorems put in (those are the piercings at the base of the penis near the scrotum) and they still had not healed  enough for Me to remove them without fear of them closing.  My doctor  suggested we do our bi-annual MRI, and I couldn't get out of it.  When I  arrived at the VA hospital (so you can imagine the staff there!) they told Me  I had to remove all My jewelry.  Because My tongue ring had been in for  years, that was no problem, but because the two lower ones were fairly new, I  
had to get the techs to find sterilized fishing line or suture silk before I  would take them out, so the holes would not close. The reason is not because  the magnet would rip them out, although they could if it were a magnetic  attractant metal, but because the MRI would heat the surgical steal and it  would burn the flesh.  

Well, the MRI went fine, but when I had trouble getting one of the two lorems back in, and asked the tech and the doctor if either of  them could help Me, they both *quickly* refused and ducked swiftly out of the  room!  I, too, had a good laugh with My submissive on the way home! 

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