Snow White

Author: Leviticus © 2000


Snow White, Slave Girl.

Once upon a time in a land far away, a beautiful Queen was sitting in her chambers sewing. While doing a particularly difficult stitch, she pricked her finger, and her red blood dripped down upon the white linen.

The Queen looked down and sighed at the striking contrast of the red against the white. "Oh I wish I had a daughter with lips as red as blood, skin as white as snow, and hair as black as ebony. It would make me so happy," she said.

The Queen's slave girl nodded at her Mistress's comment, but otherwise remained still as she had been told.

The Queen got her wish though, and was soon with child. But when it came time for the child to be born, things did not go well. The beautiful young Queen lived long enough to hold her baby girl in her arms just once, and her last words named the child. "My beautiful...Snow White."

After a suitable period of mourning, the saddened King remarried, taking as his bride the former slave of his Queen whom he had secretly been seeing anyway.

The new Queen was not the mothering type however, and left the raising of young Snow White to the castle slaves. But as the girl grew, the Queen grew jealous. Snow White's beauty was evident even at a young age, and it was talked about all over the Castle how beautiful she would be as a young woman.

The Queen's jealousy and her control over the King allowed the Queen to take matters into her own hands. Once the Princess became a teenager, the Queen ordered that Snow White be given work as if she were a slave in the castle's lowest levels, and soon Snow White was even living there among the slave girls.

But Snow White didn't complain at her lot, she worked just as hard as the slave girls around her and did not hold her title of Princess over any of them. The slaves respected and loved the Princess, and wished the Queen wasn't so hard on her, but the Queen's jealousy grew stronger and stronger.

In her madness, the Queen began to dabble with the black arts, and found a mirror that could answer one question with certainty.

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?"

As long as the Mirror answered that the Queen was the fairest, all was well, but if the Queen got a different answer, then she had the fairer maiden killed.

Meanwhile, Snow White began to learn her trade as a slave girl, and once she blossomed to womanhood, the real slave girls taught her everything they knew. Snow White learned her lessons well, and because she dressed the same way, was chained the same way, and acted the same way, newcomers to the castle had no idea that the beautiful slave girl who poured their drinks at banquets and kept them warm at night was indeed Snow White the Princess. Even the King, more concerned with expanding his kingdom, forgot about Snow White over the years; she was just another slave girl to him.

But the Queen never forgot, and as she heard how more and more visitors to her palace requested that Snow White be their nightly escort, the Queen hated her even more. No slouch herself in bed--after all, the Queen had bagged a King--she was enraged to hear how well her rival practiced the slave arts. But it was when the Mirror turned on her that the Queen lost it.

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?" she asked one day while in a particularly bad mood.

"Her lips bright red, her hair like night,
her skin like snow, her name Snow White!" replied the Mirror.

The Queen flew into a rage and called for her chief Huntsman. When the man arrived, the Queen ordered him to take Snow White into the woods and kill her, bringing back her heart in a box.

The Huntsman complied, but his heart hung heavy. He had done this dirty deed many times already for the Queen, but the fair Snow White would be especially difficult. He was one of the few still at the castle who knew who Snow White really was, and besides, he had bedded the girl himself as a reward from time to time, and her skills and enthusiasm were almost magical.

So the Huntsman decided on another plan.

Naked and in chains, Snow White was not concerned at all at being taken out in the woods by the Huntsman. Many times in the past, she had walked this very trail under similar circumstances, and saw it as just being a part of her slave duties, which she had grown to love. But this time they went deeper and father than she had ever gone before, so deep into the forest that Snow White wondered if she could ever find her way back!

Then the Huntsman confessed his awful task to Snow White, and the slave Princess thought her end was near. But the Huntsman told her he would not kill her, and urged her to continue on and never return to the castle.

Frightened, the naked young woman escaped into the trees, still in chains, as the Huntsman had no tools with which to free her.

The Huntsman himself went back to the castle, killing a young deer on the way and putting its heart in the box the Queen had given him.

Seeing the heart, the wicked Queen was very happy, and rewarded the Huntsman with his pick of her slaves.

Meanwhile the poor young Princess fought her way through the forest. Branches and bushes scraped at her bare skin and caught on her chains, making progress difficult. Many times she feared she was permanently trapped by the undergrowth as she painfully worked her bindings over roots and other objects that sought to hold her down.

Exhausted, Snow White eventually collapsed in a small clearing where she fell asleep.

She slept through the night and into the next day, waking cold and hungry and near tears. But she got up and struggled on. To her surprise, she soon came across a path, and the path led to a small cottage buried deep in the woods.

"Well, fancy that!" she said with a smile.

Creeping up to the house as silently as her chains allowed, she peered in through the windows to see if anyone was home. She was quite ready to submit to whomever was there if they were willing to take her in, but she saw no one.

What she DID see was a house in chaos. A pile of dirty crockery taller than her was piled next to the sink. Laundry was spread everywhere, and the walls, ceilings, floors and furniture looked like they had never been cleaned.

Something about the clothing seemed odd--it seemed so small--but it was evident to her that whoever lived there could use the services of a slave girl. So, enthusiastic about her prospects, Snow White entered the cottage and made an attempt to clean it up.

She worked at it the rest of the day, barely taking the time to eat and drink a little, and while there was clothing everywhere, she didn't think of getting dressed. Being a well-trained slave girl, Snow White knew that her state of undress was her Master's concern and not hers. As she worked, she sang to herself to keep her spirits up, but as she sang she thought, as she often did, of the MASTER who would take her and make her his own. It was a common enough fantasy among the slave girls she grew up with, most of whom never saw the weakling King as a real master. They all dreamt of the wonderful man who would overpower them with his love and devotion, and who would take them body and soul.

So Snow White dreamed too.

But as the day grew dark, Snow White despaired of putting the small cottage right. There was just so much to be done.

Tired, she went upstairs and found seven unmade beds, and more dirty clothes scattered all over the place. Snow White didn't care at that point though; she just collapsed on the nearest bed and fell asleep.

It wasn't long after that when the owners of the cottage came home. Miners all, seven short men came through the door after a hard day at work, and stopped dead in their tracks.

The pile of dishes was still there, but all the clothes had been sorted and piled ready to wash, and some great effort had gone into cleaning the floor and tables. There was even a vase with some flowers in it, and a large pot of something simmering on the fireplace.

Puzzled, angry, and in some cases scared, the seven Miners wondered what had happened and who had invaded their home.

Then they heard a sigh from above, and the men slowly snuck up the stairs to see who was there.

What a sight greeted their eyes. A beautiful, naked young woman lay on one of the beds, her skin so pale it looked white against the grimy sheets, her black hair cascading across her creamy white shoulders down to the floor, as it had never been cut, her red lips slightly parted and moist.

Not a few of the Miners had to adjust their trousers at the sight. But the leader also noticed the chains and manacles on the girl's ankles and wrists, and knew that this was no wood nymph that had come into their lives. This was a genuine slave girl!

He quietly stepped into the room, and while the others watched, he took Snow White's chains and fastened them to the bed where she lay. Then the others felt safe and came in as well, until they all stood around her.

Unable to resist, they began to touch her alabaster skin, poking, prodding, and caressing the beautiful creature before them. As their touch moved to more sensitive places, Snow White began to shift her position in her sleep, opening her thighs to reveal her other blood red lips.

Then she woke, and with a startled gasp she struggled against the chains that held her down, frightened by all the men looking down at her naked charms. But she quickly remembered her position and grew still, opening her legs farther as she had been taught.

"Who are you, what are you doing here?" asked the leader of the Miners, whose name was Doc.

"My name is Snow White, and I am lost, Sir," she replied, lowering her eyes in front of these free men.

"Why are you here, Snow White?" asked Doc.

Snow White explained how the Queen wanted her dead and how she stumbled through the woods only to end up here.

The men nodded in agreement; they could clearly see that the girl's beauty would definitely threaten the Queen.

"Was it you who did the cleaning downstairs?" one of them asked her.

"Yes Sir, and if you let me stay, I could do all your cleaning and cooking and mending. I am but a poor homeless slave girl and would happily attend to your needs!"

The men glanced at each other. "ALL our needs?" one of them said.

Snow White looked up and saw the lust in their eyes. "I am but a slave girl, yours to have as you will," she said.

The men smiled and Doc began unbuttoning his shirt. "Right then, I think we have time before supper!"

Back at the castle, the Queen had spent the night in ecstatic pleasure with her lover of the moment, while the King slept in his own bedchamber. The next day however, she grew restless again and once again consulted the Mirror.

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?" she asked.

"With seven miners she spent the night,
the one you seek is named, Snow White!" the Mirror replied.

The Queen flew into a rage at the trick the Huntsman had pulled and threw the box she had been given at the Mirror, which shattered into a thousand pieces. Then the Queen retreated to the tower where she practiced her black arts, full of revenge.

She knew of the seven miners, where they lived and what they did, and thought little of them. The Queen quickly thought up a plan to rid herself of her rival, and this time she would do the job herself.

After concocting a potion to change her own appearance, she carefully put together a second for Snow White. This second potion was a lot deadlier, and seemed to the Queen much more fitting for she whom the castle guards called the best lay in the building. Having bedded most of them herself, this comparison was just another reason for the Queen to hate Snow White.

She injected this second potion into an apple and prepared it for the next day when she would see Snow White.

Back at the cottage, Snow White was finally released from the bed and freed of most of her chains by the Miners, who of course had the tools to do this. They left her locked to a long chain that let her roam around the entire cottage but no further. They were not about to take any chances on losing their new slave girl, especially after finding out just how wonderful Snow White's blood red lips really were!

So the group had supper, with Snow White serving them, before they put her to work on the dishes. The rest of the evening's entertainment was watching her do housework while they took turns taking her.

Snow White didn't mind any of it; after all it was only a slave's duty, but while she took pleasure in her new Masters' satisfaction she still found herself longing for something out of her own reach, a true Master to make her his own.

That night she slept chained in front of the fireplace, and even managed to get some sleep.

The next morning the Miners had to go to work. Even the introduction of a beautiful slave girl in their lives was not a reason to stop digging. So after making sure that her chain was secure, and warning her to watch out for the Queen, the men left Snow White alone to continue her efforts at bringing the cottage under some kind of order.

She started with the laundry, sweating naked over a washtub, scrubbing at the clothing she figured she could save, not once wondering if she was ever going to wear any of it.

She didn't notice the approach of an old woman later in the day with a basket of apples. The old woman paused at the sight of the young slave, her body flushed red from the exertion of her task, her firm round breasts dipping her red nipples into the water and getting soap bubbles on them, her well toned body working efficiently yet shiny with sweat, her perfect white skin that never seemed to hold a mark, and even her jet black hair that flowed like an ebony river to the ground behind the kneeling girl.

At that moment the old woman, who was in fact the Queen in disguise, almost forgave Snow White her beauty and lusted after the girl. But the Queen's heart had already hardened with hate, and it was too late for even love to change it. So she walked on until Snow White could see her.

The young slave girl remained on her knees as she had been taught, and the Queen grew even more jealous at the perfect way the girl presented herself with her knees wide open.

The Queen asked for some water and watched as Snow White jumped up to get some for her. After she drank the water, the Queen offered Snow White an apple from her basket, the same apple she had prepared the day before.

Surprised at the gift, Snow White obediently took it and bit into it at the old woman's urging. The apple tasted a little strange to her, and then she felt its power.

The Queen began to laugh as Snow White dropped the apple after one bite and fell to the ground. She laughed as the naked slave girl's hands immediately found that soft spot between her legs and began to masturbate.

Snow White rolled on the ground in an effort to bring herself off, but the apple had been charmed not once but twice. The first spell was an everlasting lust, a need to cum so badly that nothing else mattered. The second spell denied her that orgasm. Snow White would be unable to give herself the release she needed. The second charm was important because an orgasm would release her from the spell of lust.

The Queen thought it very fitting that this slave girl, whom every man admired, would die by her most talked about asset, and she continued to laugh as she walked away. She didn't know that in her passion, Snow White saw through the spell that disguised the Queen, and recognized her for who she was.

When the Miners came home shortly afterward, they found a sight that horrified them.

Snow White had masturbated herself into frenzy, and had graduated from using her fingers to using all manner of items in her desperate search for release. At that particular moment she was using the handle of a broken pick ax, banging it in and out of her pussy as hard as she dared. At the sight of the men returning, Snow White pulled the wood from herself and ran toward them. Only the chain attached to her ankle prevented her from raping the man nearest to her.

Doc immediately knew what had happened; a man of the world, he had seen this charm used before. He also knew the cure and stripped off his clothes, anxious to try the girl in such a sexual heat.

He soon regretted that act as Snow White pounced on him and practically devoured him. He was unprepared for the hunger Snow White had for his cock, and came far too soon for her satisfaction. He did give her a few seconds peace though, enough to tell the Miners who had done this to her. So off four of them went to find the Queen in the hope they could get her to reverse the charm, while the other three stayed behind to "help" Snow White.

The Queen was quickly tracked down, but fled when she saw them. She led them on a brisk chase until she took a wrong step and fell off a cliff. Now there was only one way to cancel the charm, and the remaining Miners wondered if they could do it.

It didn't look too likely.

Snow White had already worked her way through the three Miners who had stayed with her, and she was growing more desperate, but the seven Miners got together and did their best to satisfy their new slave. They tried every trick they knew to get her off, but they were simply out gunned. The best they could do was to take her in shifts while they forced food and water down her from time to time. But it was clear they were fighting a losing battle, and that Snow White would eventually die.

Then a couple of days later, a Prince who had heard about the ravenous slave girl rode into the clearing surrounding the cottage.

He immediately fell in love with the beautiful Snow White, her body still unmarked by the restraints the Miners had been forced to use on her for her own safety.

The Prince got off his horse and began to remove his clothes. He walked past the Miners without speaking. They watched a man almost twice their size and also quite tall make a bee line for their Snow White. At any other time, they would have objected to his approach, but nothing they had been able to do had helped Snow White, so maybe the stranger would succeed.

The Prince climbed on the naked slave girl and plunged deep into her beauty, his entry smooth yet firm.

Snow White's eyes opened and she gasped. While she had had things of a similar size in her before, never before had she felt anything like the presence within her right now. It was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt, and she looked up into the Prince's handsome face and fell instantly in love.

The Prince too felt something he had never felt before, comfortable in a woman. All he had bedded up to now had either been too small for him to easily work with, or so stretched from use that he felt he needed to strap a plank to his ass so he wouldn't fall in. But Snow White was exactly the right size, and his love for her grew.

The Price continued to pump her, pushing her hard and slow, driving her ecstasy even higher. He played her sex like a violin with him holding the bow, and the sounds from her blood red lips was music never before beheld in the forest around this particular cottage. She even screamed and moaned good as well!

At the height of the crescendo, the charm could stand no more, and Snow White and the Prince came together in a flash of fireworks as the spell was broken.

Sweaty, and grinning like Cheshire cats, the Prince and Snow White held each other for a long time before finally parting.

The Prince turned Snow White onto her stomach and bound her hand and foot before getting dressed. One strike from his sword broke the chain at her ankle, and he slung her across his horse.

Snow White said goodbye to the Miners, who were sorry to see her go, but at the same time glad as they all rubbed their aching groins. Then with a grin, the Prince rode off into the sunset with his naked slave in front of him, and they both lived happily ever after.

The End.

There is a little known postscript to this legend of Snow White, a tale to shock and scare many a camper in those woods to this very day.

Watch out for the Squirrel, the legend says. The insatiable one who attacks your campsite in the dead of night to do strange things with your tent pegs and picnic food. The Squirrel that they say found the apple that Snow White had dropped, and took it away for a quick snack.

So if you hear a scratching at your tent late at night, and a small shadow humping that empty beer bottle you left outside, just close your eyes and go back to sleep.

You have been warned.






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