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I walked into the bathroom at a BDSM play party and found a spot at the troth. A friend walked in and went onto a stall. I joked that he was shy and he answered, jokingly, "When you have a tiny joint you don't like to show it off". I told him that's one of the reasons I have such large gauge rings for my piercings. If someone were to look at me while I'm peeing, they'd see the rings and say, "Wow! That's big" and everyone else would *think" I was hung. We laughed a bit and I didn't think any more about it until a few days later, my slave and I were at a strip joint with another friend.

A dancer came over and was doing a table dance for me and started to rub my crotch. When her hand reached my piercings, she opened her eyes wide and without realizing the song ended and the music quieted, shouted, "Holy Christ, that thing is huge!"

Everyone within earshot looked over and stared. And now, everyone says, "Hello" to me whenever I go to that club.





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