On Being Punished

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Most slaves rely on their Masters to guide, instruct & discipline them; they rely on their Masters to explain their needs, they hope for instruction about how to behave and how to serve, and they are glad to be provided with sufficient incentive to learn. A further desire is that the Master provide punishment when necessary. All of these expectations are valid and are meant to assist in the achievement of the Master' goals.

While numerous essays have been written about methods of punishment, they are usually written for Dominants. These essays often accurately suggest that physical punishment (such as spanking and paddling) is not especially useful, since many submissives and slaves are sexually aroused by pain. Other methods are suggested, and often, a Master feels his obvious disappointment in his slave is, or at least should be, punishment enough.

Despite the inclination to be aroused by pain, a corporal punishment can be as effective, and sometimes more effective, than other methods of punishment. While a Master's disappointment may arouse feelings of guilt and a desperate wish for approval, it is not always enough to make a point or change behavior.

Any submissive or slave has a responsibility during punishment - not just to accept it and "attempt to learn from it," - although those things are obviously important, but to change the mindset that would allow her to find it pleasurable. This is something a slave must do for herself, something she is obliged to do in any punishment situation, not just a corporal one. It requires nothing more than disallowing the pleasurable aspects of pain - temporarily dismissing sexual or stimulating elements.

Punishment, just like the power exchange itself, begins in the mind. If an encounter with a paddle is viewed as sexual and exciting, that's what it is. But changing the frame of mind allows the slave to recognize that structured pain can also help her become exactly what she wants to be. Although a good Master knows how to inflict a painful punishment without allowing the slave to slip into subspace, she, too, must take the fantasy out of corporal punishment.






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