Introduction To Breath Control Essays By Jay Wiseman

Author: Jay Wiseman © 1997, author of "SM 101: A Realistic Introduction". 
All rights reserved.  Used with permission. 


As you may have figured out by now, the overall subject of breath control play (suffocation and/or strangulation done in an erotic context) is one that I ended up writing quite a bit about. Below are some of my major essays on the topic. I hope that you find them useful.  

The Medical Realities of Breath Control Play  

This is my main "start here" essay on the topic. Among other things, it contains explanations and definitions of the medical issues and terms that I use in my further essays on the topic. If you're not already pretty well educated in cardiopulmonary physiology, I strongly recommend that you start here.  

Breath Control: Is Epinephrine The "Smoking Gun"?  

This essay offers a possible explanation as to why some people seem to be at higher risk of dying suddenly from being choked than other people are.  

More On The "Smoking Gun"  

This essay follows up on concepts presented in the "smoking gun" essay and offers additional information regarding how some people are at higher risk than others are.  

Where's My "Precaution B"?  

This essay explains why the standard "model" of presenting SM-related safety information may be inadquate to explain the risks associated with breath control play.  

Cumulative Brain Damage From Breath Control?  

This essays explores the issue of cumulative brain damage from repeated incidents of suffocaton and/or strangulation.  

Jay Wiseman


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