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NEEDLES . . . just the thought of them makes some people faint while some of us just get turned on. There are many reasons people play with needles. For some it could be a possible need to try it themselves, before doing it to others. For others, needle play is an act of submission. For still other people it is the need of proving to themselves that they can indeed do needle play. For a few of us it is the power of blood. But once you have passed the fear and tasted the endorphin rush it could become a needle fetish. Endorphins, by the way, are a natural body chemistry response that react to pain or stress telling your body that everything is okay and that could give you a floating feeling.
Temporary play piercings are just that, temporary, and should never be considered permanent, though limited scarring could occur. These needles have a smaller diameter and could be torn out if left in too long or if undue pressure is asserted . They can be worn as an accessory for an evening if the tip is covered but should be removed before bedtime and disposed of properly. Never re-cap a needle, there is too much danger of cross contamination by a used needle. Paper and plastic coverings can be disposed of in the trash but the needles need to be put into a sharps container.

Let's take a closer look at the needle. There are three major parts of a needle, the hub which is the plastic/metal piece which houses the needle. It is the part you hold onto while doing the piercing. There is the cannula or shaft which is the length of the needle. Then there is the bevel which is the flat side at the end of the needle with a hole. The needle end is covered with a hard plastic shield and sealed to ensure sterility. Some brands are sealed with a plastic cap and others with a paper seal but most all have the plastic cap over the needle. These caps should remain intact to ensure sterility. If sterility is comprised, the needle should never be used, and should be disposed of in a sharps container. If a sharps container is not available use something that is hard plastic and cannot be pierced by the needle until you can get to a sharps container.

Needles come in various sizes and gauges. The bigger the gauge number the smaller the diameter of the needle. For play piercing most people use a range of between 20 - 25-gauge. More experienced players sometimes like the larger gages such as a 18, while novices usually start with a smaller gauge such as a 23-25 gauge. With some brands, each gauge has a different colored hub so can make it fun to do designs with them. Needles also come in different lengths from 1/4 inch to up to 5 inches or more. The length you want to use depends on what you are using them for, who you are placing them on, and where you are placing them. It is always fun to use different sizes and the different gauges.

Okay, you ask, where do we buy the needles and other supplies we need? Depending on the state you are in, needles can be bought at a medical supply store, pharmacies, or even ordered over the internet. You can also get needles from a vet supply store. They run a slightly different size (vet diameters are measured outside while ours is measured on the inside) but are still sterile and most of the time, cheaper and easier to obtain. Sharps containers can be obtained from most drug stores, hospitals, or some clinics. Most hospitals and clinics will also dispose of them (there may be a fee for disposal).
(NOTE: Before doing needle play you should attend a workshop or have some knowledgeable person teach you the art of needle play. It is best to learn from an experienced player and to try it on yourself before doing it on a partner.)

If you are going to do a play piercing scene the first thing you want to do is make sure the area is clean, all equipment is within a comfortable reach, and the scene is set. It is distracting to have to go to another room to get what should be at your finger tips. You will need alcohol, either wipes or spray, sterile needles, two or more clean cloths, more sterile needles, a box of latex or vinyl gloves, a trash container for the paper and plastic and a sharps container.

Next, set the scene. I like to have candles burning and sometime incense (careful of possible allergies of your partner). Also, make sure there is enough light to see what you are doing. It also is fun to wear a medical uniform, scrubs or a lab coat to set the scene. You could have a hospital gown for the bottom. Of course needle play can be done without all the setting but setting the stage can be a lot of fun and add to the scene.

First you should clean the skin well. This is part of the foreplay so take your time and use it to set the scene. Alcohol works well but you could also use providone iodine or betadine. The medical profession teaches using an alcohol wipe and going from the inside to outer area you are going to pierce. However, for our type of play, keeping the area clean is the important part. Personally, I like using lots of spray alcohol even between piercings. This serves more than one purpose. It keeps the skin cleansed of bacteria, adds a little sting and for some, alcohol is very erotic.

Playing with needles is considered "blood sports". Sometimes you get a lot of blood, sometimes you will not see the blood, but there is body fluid any time your break the skin, therefore, Universal Precautions should be used at all times. This means you should treat everyone as if they had hepatitis or were HIV positive etc. Gloves should be worn at all times. If you are putting needles on more than one person, you should change gloves and wash your hands between each person. If water is not available, you can use an anti bacterial hand wash. If there will be any chance of blood splatter, make sure to wear goggles.

Some folks like to use the 1/2 inch needles and just stick them straight in. This can be done with the fleshier areas such as the buttocks. I prefer using the longer 1 1/2 inch needle and threading them just under the skin and out the other side. This technique can be used in almost any area of the body where you can pinch the skin. I have even seen the longer needles run through a person's cheeks through the mouth and out the other cheek. If you are going to play with the needle, you can counter sink the tip into the skin again to keep from being stuck with a used needle. You can also use a cork to cap the needles if you are planning on using them for other purposes. Needles are single person use only. You should never use the same needle on someone else.

(NOTE: If you are accidentally stuck by a used needle, make it bleed as much as possible. This will help expel any pathogens from the puncture wound. Then cleanse the puncture wound with anti-bacterial scrub. Follow with liberal amounts of alcohol or betadine. You should let your partner know and also get an HIV test and followed with another test six months later if there is any chance of HIV infection).

OK, I can put a needle in. What now?
You can use one needle or hundreds. The more you use the higher the endorphin levels, depending on each person's individual response. Needles can be used in a variety of ways. The needles can be hit, flicked, rolled or twisted to increase the sensations and endorphin rush. Needles can be used as a design in itself by using the colored hubs or you can add to this by using beads, feathers, ribbon or whatever you can imagine. Feathers can be added to the hub of the needle with a hot glue gun. This is done before the scene by exposing only the hub of the needle leaving the cap on the shaft until it is ready to be used to ensure sterility is maintained. Needles can be used as bondage by using dental floss, fishing line, or thin ribbon and lacing them together. This can be done between an inanimate object, different people or between body parts.

(NOTE: Fishing line, dental floss is not sterile. You should make sure to keep it as clean and possible with an alcohol bath and keeping lots of alcohol involved in the play)

Needles can also be used to fasten objects to the skin. Make sure the fishing line fits through the needle. Insert the needle, Thread the fishing line through the needle, pull the needle out and put the bead or object on the fishing line and tie. In some cases these can be left on for a few days but should still be considered temporary and kept very clean. If there is any sign of infection, remove and then cleanse the puncture wound with anti-bacterial scrub. Follow with liberal amounts of alcohol or betadine.

You can make the bottom move around with needles and see where they are pulling on the skin. I have had to do calisthenics while having lots of needles. Make sure all needles are accounted for. You wouldn't want someone to find one walking across the floor in the dark.

If you like electric play, you can use a violet wand over the needles. You can also run cooper wire around the needles and play with electricity such as a tens unit. This is a more advanced technique and should be done only with an experienced player.

When you are done playing, remove the needles and dispose of it in a sharps container. If there is going to be blood, this is the time you will see it. (NOTE: some people love the taste of blood and for them it heightens the scene. This should not be a problem, if there is enough blood they may want a taste. Run your latex-covered finger in the blood and let them lick or suck it off. There should be no sharing of the blood. Only the person's own blood should be used). Clean the area with lots of alcohol. Dry with a clean dry terry cloth. Alcohol will make it bleed more so if you are trying to stop the bleeding apply direct pressure with the terry cloth.

Aftercare is important here, as in all aspects of play. Lots of hugs and TLC should be given and gotten. Take time to get something to drink and refresh yourself.

Sue Abel






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