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This issue, LordSaber talks further about the "mythical beast" called "Top Space."

This time around, I'm delving further into the topic I discussed last month; that so-called "Top space." I'm doing this based on a conversation I had with a friend's new sub at the local dungeon recently. I was telling her about a scene I had done at a recent party where I couldn't get into my rhythm, that I spent most of the scene worrying about whether or not I was flogging my partner in the right spots, worrying about the people doing the scene 3 feet away were talking, and so on.

The scene did go ok, but afterwards I almost had a sense of relief it was over. And apparently my partner felt somewhat the same way I did. She did have a nice time, but she sensed I was having an "off night." In fact she herself "crashed" the next day. Whether it was due to my lack of energy or hers, I'm not sure and she wouldn't tell me. I spent the next few days analyzing the scene and trying to figure out what "went wrong," in order to insure it didn't happen again.

When I arrived at the party and began talking with my friend's new sub, I told her about the scene and how I liked getting into my "space" before I did a scene and how I went about doing that. It was about that time the ol' light bulb went off in my head and I said "Ah Ha! THAT's what happened! I forgot to prepare myself to play." And for me, preparing isn't that big a deal, but I've come to realize when I play publically, I need to create a space for myself, one that no one can enter except for my partner and myself. When I play publically, I usually make a point to get some water both for myself and my partner. And while I'm doing that, it gives me a chance to get my mind set into "Top mode" and blot out all the other distractions.

It's almost like doing a meditation I suppose, at least for me. I take several deep breaths while imagining everything around me is fading away. I imagine myself as "the great, evil menacing Dom who can wield a flogger like nobody else can, the Master of the cane or crop." And while I do tend to "ham it up" at times while I'm in the midst of giving someone a good flogging, at the same time it allows me to get into my space, get that rhythm going, and forget about everything else. There have been times I've gotten so much into it, I can look around the dungeon I'm playing in and somehow imagine I'm on some kind of stage, giving a performance. Hey, it may sound hokey and pretnetious to you, but again whatever works! And that seems to be what works for me.

There are those that talk about how SM is spiritual. And I know when I get into my "zone," I almost feel like I'm communing with the gods, or the divine. At times it may not be sexual, but I still get a powerful rush.

I got to "test" out my theory this past weekend. I was at the local dungeon again and my same friend mentioned to me there was a woman looking to play. It was someone we both knew, so I approached her, we got to talking and wound up doing a nice scene. Even though I only had two or three minutes to "get my head together" before playing, it was enough to take some deep breaths, get into my Top mode mind set, and go off from there. And fly we did. Of course, that night was the birthday of the ex dungeon owner's slave, and hearing 50 people applaud her birthday while in the midst of your own scene does tend to be a trifle distracting. ;))

Of course for the Doms reading this as the now famous line goes, "Your Mileage May Vary" (YMMV) when it comes to getting into your own "Top space."

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