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The entry in Patrick's journal says it all: "Shopping note: buy more saran wrap. Lots of it. We don't want to run out."

The grand-daddy of all bondage is to wrap your bottom from head to toe, encasing him in rope, plaster, cloth, spandex, ace bandages, latex, duct tape, or plastic so that he or she is completely immobile. I'm sure that list doesn't exhaust the possibilities of wrappings but you get the idea.
The basics are very simple. Surround your bottom in a cocoon and let him or her go on from there. I start with the bottom naked and sitting, legs slightly raised and wrap my material of preference (plastic wrap) around his feet and ankles. I then have him stand and continue the wrapping up the legs, around the waist and torso. At this point I have him raise his arms so that I can encase his chest. Once that is done, I have him lower his arms and wrap them against his sides.

I now will lay him face up (never face down!) and wrap his neck and face. Here's a good time to throw in a few precautions. Have a pair of scissors handy before you start, so that a quick escape can be cut if necessary. Be sure to leave room for breathing. Though not absolutely necessary, it is helpful and advisable to have a third person to help with the lifting and dragging that will be needed once the subject is immobilized. Laying a mummified boy or girl on his or her back is no easy matter.

Let me emphasize NEVER LEAVE A BOUND BOTTOM UNATTENDED. Alternately, one can mummify the person in an upright position but it then becomes imperative that some kind of support, such as chains hanging from the ceiling or a nearby post, be used to keep them upright. Never, never, never use such support in any way that will restrict breathing, such as by putting the chains around the neck (dah).

I like to leave the genitals exposed, though one can expose them later with careful cutting. Another good idea is to put cotton swabs on the nipples (his not yours) and then encase the chest with wrap. This makes it easy to cut away the wrap, exposing the tits to whatever you'd like to do without risking cutting them.

Use three of four layers of wrap as you go up and down the body. A more complete mummification can be attained if you wrap duct tape over the plastic wrap.
Once mummified, the rest is easy. You can let her enjoy the quiet, tantalize her with touches, tickles, or a whipping, or do a mixture of erotic, painful, pleasurable, and interesting tactile effects.

Have a towel handy for when your plaything is released. There's no doubt that mummification produces a lot of sweat, especially when the material used is water-proof. Once the cocoon is cut off, you'll find your friend was floating in more ways than one.

Mummification, I must admit, is enjoyable, but mostly enjoyable for the bottom. In many ways it is often work and sometimes a bore for the top. No matter, the experience is quite good, as the rest of the entry in Patrick's journal attests.

You see, last Monday night I just felt like playing with him. In all, the bondage lasted about an hour from start to finish. I kept him in a standing position most of the time, then lowered him onto the bed before I finally cut him loose. Once he was immobilized I played with his mouth, prodding it with my fingers, my tongue, and eventually my cock. To say the least, it drove him wild.

Let's let Patrick tell it: "Sir wrapped me in saran wrap tonight and it was wonderful. Forget horror show mummy images; this was a cocoon. Now I know why the caterpillar so readily wraps itself up for the winter. i could have stayed in there for hours and hours, and Sir could have done whatever he wanted to me with my complete encouragement.

"The best moments were those brief times when he would stick his finger or tongue into my mouth and I could have even a minor amount of contact with him, or when he would run his hands up and down my body. It was wonderful. I'm going to HAVE to be sure I deserve that he do it again sometime.

"It was the best of times because of the sensations it inspired and the security it provided. When Sir started taking me down I wondered at first if he thought I was in trouble. Quite the contrary, it was like floating --- no worry about falling or support. Even the pain he inflicted was easy to get beyond --- there was a certain sensation that it really wasn't me that Sir was working on. And it was warm. Yes, it WAS a good time, one that I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at.

"A few times while I was in the cocoon, it dawned on me that Sir was being neglected. The incident that comes to mind the clearest was when I was laying on the bed and Sir sat on my face so that I could suck his cock. I tried to reach up to play with his tits like I am supposed to do but I couldn't move my hands. It was like, 'Oh, no. What am I going to do?' The fact of the matter is that I LIKE giving Sir pleasure. I certainly don't do it because I have to... well, I do HAVE to, and I do it for that reason as well, but the larger reason is that I WANT to.

"Anyway, that is why the experience had a down side, but I did thoroughly enjoy the experience."

The several times that I have been mummified, I have had the same kind of feelings as Patrick. Once I was mummified and suspended upside down. It wasn't an unpleasant experience at all.

Most often it seems, being so thoroughly encased allows the mind to drift into a dreamy, meditative state. I feel as if I am floating in outer space. My vision, though darkened, is filled with star-like "points of light".

More extensive encasement material includes using a sleep sack or leather restraining gear found in places like Mr. S's catalogue. Fancier and sexier, they do the same thing as plastic wrap.

The most thorough mummification I ever saw took six guys. They encased a friend in a plaster body cast from head to toe and left him that way for twelve hours. Needless to say, there was a great deal of expertise and supervision. It was a well-planned and well-orchestrated "event". There are all kinds of things that we leather folk can do. Some discussion, a bit of preparation, and a little work can create fabulous experiences of the kinky kind.


Have a great week. You can leave me email at or visit my website at "Jack Rinella's Weekly LeatherViews". Copyright 1999 by Jack Rinella, all rights reserved.


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