Types Of Play 7: Wax Play

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 1998

This is one of the most common forms of kinky sexual acitivity. Many people who consider themselves outside of any kinky lifestyle, indulge in wax play. Some tips for safely playing with wax are below. Please read carefully and play safe, with wax play, you are playing with fire

Always use parrafin wax, it melts at a lower temperature than other waxes. Parafin wax is used in most standard candles sold in just about any store. Those white safety candles you see in the stores are made of parrafin. This wax can also be bought in crafting and hobby shops, in small blocks for melting. NEVER use beeswax, it melts far too hot! It is a good idea not to use colored candles, especially not the metallic ones. Candles that are metallic in color, many times contain shards of actual metals, which can cause them to melt at a much higher temperature and even have some areas of higher temperature and some of lower within the wax drips themselves. Scented candles are also to be avoided, they will melt at a higher temperature as well. Wax can burn the skin and lead to permanent scarring, always test it on the back of your own hand before applying it to your partner. 
Hold the candle approximately 8 to 12 inches from your partner and slowly dribble the wax onto the flesh. You can adjust the temperature of the wax by increasing or decreasing the distance between the candle and the skin. The further the wax must fall before hitting the skin, the cooler it will be upon contact. 

It is a good idea to apply massage oil to the skin you are going to apply the wax to. Do not use baby oil, as it will heat up and possibly burn the skin. This layer of oil on the skin helps make removing the wax easier, especially if the area has a lot of hair. Also, you may wish to shave the area first to prevent ripping out the hair upon removal of the wax.(unless of course this is a desired affect..<g>) A flea comb is a good way of removing wax from hair as is a razor, should this be a desired activity. Do not apply wax to the face or genitals. 
Removing the wax can be accomplished with a plastic scraper, fingernail or a dull knife. To make the sensation a bit more intense, chill the knife (I reccomend a butter knife which is dull and cannot cut the skin, for those who do not want the risk of a sharp blade, yet do want the sensation of metal against their skin). If you chill the knife, be sure it is wet before applying it to the skin to prevent it from sticking. Ice applied to the wax drops will ease the removal as well as provide a nice opposite sensation from the wax. 

A drop cloth is a very good idea to use beneath the submissive to catch any drops of wax that miss the intended target. A plastic coated fabric shower curtain makes a good drop cloth as the wax cleans up easily. Be sure to remove all the wax from the drop cloth before laundering it in your washing machine. Wax will clog and therefor break the washer. If you get wax on the carpet, a warm iron, through a towel or wax paper, will lift the wax out of the carpet. Be careful of using dark wax on carpets as it may stain. 


A fire extinguisher in case the candle falls, or somehow ignites something nearby. A steady table to set the candle on, preferablly in a holder while not in use. Ice and cold water, to quickly bring down the temperature of the skin should a too hot application of wax mistakenly be applied. Towels to wipe up the water. Aloe or other burn cream to soothe the skin in case of a burn. Bandages are a good idea as well. 


Melt the parrafin wax in a small fondue pot or potpourri pot. Add a crayola crayon to the pot. This will add some color to the wax. Be aware that heavily colored wax can stain the skin for a few days. When you have a sufficient amount of melted wax in the colors you desire, use a paintbrush to apply it to your parnter in patterns. These pots should have an adjustable temperature gauge and the wax should be melted on LOW. Again, test the temperature of the wax on your hand FIRST! 

Alternate drops of wax with the touch of ice on the skin. The opposite sensations can produce some highly desireable results. 
            Play Safe and Have Fun!!



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