Types Of Play 4: Ointments, Oils & Jellies

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 1998

There are many different types of ointments, oils and jellies which are used in this lifestyle. They create different kinds of sensations and reactions depending upon where they are applied and how much is applied. A few types of these things are listed below.

  1. Tiger Balm (heating)
  2. Ben Gay, Icy Hot other Mentholated Rubs (heating/cooling depending  on mixture)
   3. Cinnamon Oil (heating)
   4. Peppermint or Spearmint Oil (cool first, hot later)
   5. Massage oils (soothing, sensual, or warming)
   6. Baby Oil (Soothing, sensual or warm)
   7. Body lotions and creams (soothing sensual or warm)
   8: edible body paints (sensual)

   These items can be classed in two different categories. Those which heat or cool the skin and those which are more sensual in nature. When using any type of oil or balm applied to the skin it is important to be aware of any risk factors that go with those items. The one affect which is common to all these items is risk of sensitivity or allergic reactions. Always test each item on a small patch of skin inside the elbow. If the person becomes itchy, irritated or the skin becomes red and inflamed for an extended period of time, do NOT use that item on any other part of the body as the side effect can be very damaging. In those who are sensitive these items can leave permanent scars or cause damage which requires immediate medical attention.

   Heating items can cause burns when applied to mucous membranes. (inside the nose, vagina or anus) It is a good idea to dilute these items before using them. Tiger balm for example, comes in more than one strength. Cinnamon Oil usually comes in a strength which is too hot to apply directly. Spearmint and peppermint oil ar the same. As are the mentholated rubs. These items are meant to be applied to the outer layer of skin which are not as sensitive of the soft tissues of the vulva and rectum. Dilute these items before using them. You can always increase the strength if the desired result is not achieved. 

   It is best to use a water based lubricant to dilute with. Start with a mixture of 1 part heating/cooling ointment to 2 or 3 parts of lubricant. This will cut the strength by 50 to 75%. Always test for sensitivity before using these items, as mentioned above. You can adjust the dilution to be stronger or weaker as needed. Never apply full strength to anything that is to be inserted into the body. These items are difficult to remove from the skin, almost impossible to remove from inside the body. The burns which can result from these items range in severity from mild discomfort to third degree burns. 

   Items which cool the skin can also cause burns. But not from heat, from cold. These burns are just as painful and serious as those caused by heat. Again test for sensitivity and always use a diluted mixture for anything that is to be inserted into the body.

   Be aware that anything applied in, near or around the vagina, penile opening, and anal area, can and will cause infections in some people. The vagina has a balance between yeast and bacteria. Introducing foreign objects (be they solid objects, creams, oils, lotions etc.) can upset that balance and cause an infection. Anything that has a petrolatum base or oil base can also cause infection by giving yeast and bacteria a wonderful base to grow on. If your partner is prone to frequent yeast infections, it is a good idea not to use these items inside the vagina or to not use them very frequently. 

   Always be sure you have the required item that will remove the mixture from the skin close at hand. For those which are oil based (petrolatum based) water and soap will not remove them. Milk will. In some cases a dishwashing liquid that cuts grease (such as Dawn ©) will remove it from the skin as well. A washcloth can be used to wipe off excess, but remember that many of these items will be absorbed by the skin and the effects will remain despite being washed off. Allergy testing is very important.

   When experimenting with those items which heat or cool the skin, it is a good idea to start with less sensitive areas. Nipples, the hollows at the top of the thigh (inner thighs) the outer lips of the vulva, underside of breasts, behind the scrotum,  and similar spots. If used on the clit, inner lips, or insertable object, it is a good idea to start with a 75% (or higher) dilution. Never use it full strength inside the body. At least a 1 to 1 mixture is best. 

   Applying a heating lotion before a spanking or flogging will increase the burn and sting of the pain play. Applied afterwards, it will make the sting and heat last longer. Never apply to broken, abraded or otherwise non intact skin!

   Oil and rubs which are more sensual in nature are often used in massages and other soothing types of play. These can be wonderful for both participants. Be careful of applying oil based lotions to the vaginal or rectal area, they can cause infection. Again, test for possible allergic reactions as stated above. A massage is wonderful, but if it is followed by a week of itchy, red irritated skin, (or a visit to the doctor) it is not much fun. Many of these oils are scented. These scents can be used to create feelings of arousal, calm etc. in the one they are used on. It is called aromatherapy. They can provide a very interesting twist to your lovemaking sessions. Be aware that many people have sensitivities to smells and the perfumes used to scent the oil can cause an allergic reaction on the skin it is applied to. As well as possible breathing difficulties for those who may be asthmatic or have other breathing problems.

   Be creative, play safe and have fun!

 This article was published in the online magazine at Fetish Society January 1999.



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