Types Of Play 2: Paddles, Crops, Slappers & Straps

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 7/25/1998

There are many different types of paddles. They can come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Some are wood, leather, leather covered wood, plastic and even metal. Some have raised designs on them, others have holes in them, or studs embedded in them. They are usually used solely for spanking the buttocks and thighs. Due to their heavier weight they strike harder upon impact and can be physically dangerous to strike a less padded area than those mentioned above. The holes in some paddles increase the air speed therefore increasing the strength with which the paddle lands. The holes will leave a dotted design on the skin, a red patch with white unmarked circles in it, these circles as where the holes hit the skin. The edges of these circles may welt or bruise. The paddles with studs in them will create darker spots where the studs hit the skin. These spots may bruise upon impact and may even scrape. Some of these studs can break the skin immediately as well. Paddles can be small enough to strike only one buttock with each blow, or large enough to strike the entire bottom at once.

Crops come in different lengths and designs as well. The tips is usually what is used to strike the skin. I believe the tips are called slappers. They have different widths from thin to wide, and can be squared or pointed. The tips can also be a single strip of leather or one that is doubled over. They can be stiff or floppy. I have seen crops made of both leather and plastic. Depending on the type of material it is made of, the size of the slapper and it's stiffness is how much pain it can inflict. Crops can be used on a variety of areas of the body. The strength of each blow should be tailored to the part of the body being struck. Buttocks, thighs, calves and feet can usually take a stronger strike, though the amount of pain inflicted will vary with each part. Calves, thighs and feet are usually more sensitive than the buttocks. Breasts, genitals, abdomen (not realy recomended) and shoulders (back) can be struck as well, but the blow should be a lot lighter. The head of the crop will easily leave marks which can bruise. These marks are patches of red the size of the slapper. A squared slapper has a bit less impact than one which is thinner and ends in a point. One that is pointed, frayed, braided or otherwise designed for increased pain, will hurt more Welts will also form where the edges of the slapper strike the skin. In some cases the edges can abrade or cut the skin. These marks can take more time to go away and many of the red spots will form bruises. The shaft of a crop can be used as a cane which should never strike any part of the body beyond the buttocks or thighs. Be very careful when using a crop in this manner as the tip will wrap around and snap hard against the skin, which can create damage.

Slappers and straps are another kind of toy used for pain play. Slappers are usually heave leather straps that are split at one end. Upon impact the first flap hits the skin and the second flap lands on the first one creating a slap sound. Sort of like a double hit upon the same spot at the same time. Straps are exactly that, straps of leather. This includes belts. These can have holes studs or other designs on them. They are usually 3/4 of an inch wide or more. Straps and slappers can be used on many different areas of the body. Again the strength of the blows should be tailored to the spot being struck. They are more versatile than paddles.

Another type of strap with a specific name is called a tawse. This is like a slapper, but rather than a double flap for the end, it is a single layer that is cut part ways along it's length. Usually with 3 or 4 slits creating 3 or 4 "tails" that look like fringe. (there can be more than 3 or 4). Each tail will strike a slightly different area upon impact. These slits allow more air speed which allows the user to create more sting with less effort. The fringe will strike the skin with more sting, the same as spreading the fingers during a hand spanking will increase the pain.

I have felt at least one type of each of these toys. I enjoy the varied sensations that crops, slappers and straps can create in my skin. Depending on where the blow is landed and the strength behind it, the strike can either arouse me, or cause real pain. Paddles are not one of my favorite toys. I have usually only had them used for punishment. On my skin the pain of a paddle lasts longer than with anything else. The areas struck will also bruise as the redness fades. Though, any of these items can and have been used on me as a means of warming me up for heavier play. Like many other people a warm up is neccessary for me to be able to enjoy pain play, rather than to feel real pain. Bruises that I have gotten from crops, paddles and straps take longer for my body to heal. I do not usually bruise easily so these are deeper in the skin on my body. Though bruises are rare, when I have had them they have been caused by this class of toys.

As with any type of play be careful with what you are doing and learn the proper places to strike before hitting someone. Many of these toys can cause permanent physical harm with the very first strike. "Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns" by Molly Devon, has a wonderful diagram of the human body which shows the proper places to hit and even shows what the marks of the different toys can look like on the skin. Be aware that crops and straps require a wider area to swing them in as they are usually longer than most paddles. Make sure you have adequate room to use them safely. Play safe, and have fun!


this article was published in the PPEG newsletter for August 1998



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