Types Of Play 6; Plugs, Dildos, & Vibrators

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 1998

   There are many different kinds of plugs, dildos and vibrators. They come in all shapes and sizes and different materials and colors. These toys can be a lot of fun to use and can be used in many different ways.

   These toys are often insertable into the body. They should be smooth with no rough or sharp edges. Size becomes very important as well. Too large can cause serious damage to internal tissues. An overly long dildo will damage the cervix if used vaginally. This can cause hemorraghing and even sterility in some cases. Overly large dildos or plugs used anally can cause tearing and scarring of the rectum. Too long, pointed, hard, rough or otherwise un smooth surfaces can perforate the rectum or tear the tissues in the vagina. Items should have rounded tips, not points to prevent perforating the tissues they will come in contact with. For butt plugs the length should not exceed 6 inches for most people, the width should not exceed 2 inches around. A dildo or vibrator should probably be no longer than 8 inches by 2 inches. (though many can and do enjoy larger or smaller versions) This is a matter of personal preference and comfort.

   When using a dildo, plug or vibrator lubrication is important. Many of the materials these items are made out of are pouros and will absorb lubrication causing uncomfortable friction and abrasion of the tissues they come into contact with. (silicone, rubber, latex are examples) This abrasian can cause bleeding and scarring. Always use a water based lubricant with these items as those which are oil or petrolatum based lubricants can break down the materials the items are made of. 

   If you are going to use one of these items on more than one person, it is a good idea to cover the item with a few condoms. Remove one condom (leaving the toy covered in a new condom) before using the toy on the next person. This can decrease the chance of transmitting an STD to someone else. 

   Toys which will be worn for an extended period of time should be flexible and soft. Rigid or hard items can damage the person wearing them if left in for too long. Many like to have their submissive's wear butt plugs or dildos for extended periods of time. A rigid or hard plug will become painful after a little while. They have no give and do not bend with the movements of the body. This can create internal bruising, bleeding, or other types of tissue damage.  These items may require some kind of belt or panty to hold them in place as the body will try to expel the toy. Butt plugs should have a thinner area right before the base flares out. This thinner area allows the sphincter muscle to close tighter around it, while the flared base prevents the plug from traveling up into the body and becoming "lost". This can and does happen, oftentimes requiring medical intervention to remove it. This can happen with dildos as well. A belt or harness which attaches to the base of the dildo and/or plug, can prevent such from happening as well and allow for easy removal.  As the belt comes off, it will take the dildo or plug with it if they are attached securely. Always check to ensure the items are attached securely before inserting. For ease or removal it is a good idea to grasp the base of the plug or dildo as the belt is removed to keep the item from coming out too fast or not coming out at all.

   Vibrating items have a few specific things to watch out for. Always check the battery compartment or cord for damage, wear and tear or other signs of a problem. If there is corrosion in the battery compartment, do NOT use the item. If the cord is kinked, split, worn or otherwise damaged, do NOT use the item. If the cord is loose from the item iteslf, do NOT use it. You are dealing with electricity here and a shock is not fun. Also, vibrators will heat up. Some can become uncomfortably hot and cause burns. If the vibrator heats up, stop using it and let it cool down. Vibrators which plug in, heat up faster than those that use batteries. Metal vibrators and plastic vibrators, heat up faster as well. Rubber, latex or silicone ones take longer to heat up to an uncomfortable level. Vibrating eggs are usually attached to very thin cords. These cords can easily become seperated from the egg making retrieval very difficult. To prevent this, the egg can be placed inside a condom which is tied at the base of the egg or the extra length of the condom can be left outside the vagina for easy removal. Use the condom to remove the egg instead of the cord itelf.

   Many of these items come in versions that have bumps, fringe or other not so smooth areas on their surfaces. These "extras" should be soft, not hard or rough. The ones with fringe on them (french ticklers..<hehehe) should be checked to ensure that the fringe does not come off easily. Also that the edges are not sharp and the material is soft. 

   All toys should be cleaned properly as soon as possible after use and stored carefully so they will be ready for the next use.

   Play safe and have fun!

This article was published in the online magazine at Fetish Society, January 1999



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