My Peircing Experience

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 2000

Note; This was written soon after I had my nipples peirced. It remains in the original format because these are the accurate thoughts and feelings that occured at the time. I am no longer with the master mentioned here for many reasons, but that does not change the fact that at the time, he was my master.

On February 25, 1999, Master accompanied me to my doctor's appointment for my back. We had been discussing nipple piercing for quite some time. I had been very hesitant about it, afraid of the pain mostly, but had not outright told Master no. Over time, I had come to crave the nipple rings as a sign of belonging to Master. Master had said that they would not be done until he thought I was ready for them. Nothing had been positively decided, but for the few months before this, he had asked me to find out information such as pricing for piercers in our area. I had, of course, done so. 

To do this day I am not sure why, but when I got dressed to go to the doctor's that day, I wore a button down blouse and a light sweater. I had a feeling that my nipples would be pierced before we came home that night. I found myself looking forward to it more and more. My hesitancy had disappeared, and my fear had lessened. It was more a thought of "If he wants it done, so be it". But it was more than just wanting to please Master, more than my knowing that having it done would do just that, it was also that I wanted them done as well.

The day went very well. We had lunch at Denny's and discussed lots of things. Then, we stopped at a local tattoo/ piercing studio. There, we spoke with the gentleman who would do the peircings. He took the time to explain the procedure, the different ring sizes, pricing, and how to care for them in great detail. He asked who was going to be pierced, and I quickly answered without any prompting that I would be. He then asked if it would be one nipple or both. I told him both. He asked me why I wanted them done. I gestured towards Master and said "Because he wants them done." At that moment I felt completely owned, cherished, and very submissive. I got a very warm feeling that erased my nervousness. The decision was made to have it done that day.

The gentleman led us into a back room, closing all the blinds to afford us with privacy. I quickly sat down in the chair. Master said I sat down eagerly. Without any embarrassment, I removed my sweater, unbuttoned my blouse and took off my bra. There I was sitting naked from the waist up, in front of a man I did not know, and all I could think of was how beautiful Master thinks my body is. Master took my hand and gently squeezed it. I could feel the pride and happiness coming off him. That helped ease the nervousness that had crept in a little bit. 

I watched calmly as the gentleman cleaned my nipples and marked the spots for the piercing. Not once did I consider asking Master to stop him, or telling him myself to stop. (Which I knew I could do at any time, without repercussions) Master continued to hold my hand and I relaxed in the chair. The piercing itself did not hurt as much as I had feared. And what pain there was quickly faded when I saw the look on Master's face after just the right nipple was done. As well, I found myself becoming slightly aroused once the first sharp pain had passed. I think part of my ability to relax was knowing that Master would not let any real harm come to me, and that he was there, watching the whole thing. Holding his hand during the entire piercing made the experience truly wonderful for me. The pride in his eyes when the rings were in place, made me so happy I glowed. When I looked at them in the mirror, to check their placement, I did not think of them as "My" breasts, but as "Master's breasts". That thought, made me feel an intense pride and love for being owned. 

This experience became a turning point in our relationship. It was through my willing acceptance of a nipple piercing, that I was able to reach a point where I trusted Master with my body so much that my limits disappeared. It allowed me to reach feelings in myself that I had not known I was able to reach. Now, 8 months later, I still wear those rings with pride. I still view them as marks of ownership, and I am still extremely glad I had them done. 



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