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Author: Raven Shadowborne © 8/29/1999

A play partner is similar to two friends who enjoy each other sexualy without being involved in a comitted relationship with one another. Instead of it being just sex, or occasional dating, a BDSM play partner is one who a person goes to for "play" sessions. 

A play partner can be a good thing for those who are new to the lifestyle. It allows for some experimentation with a person who is trusted. It can be a good way to learn what you like or don't like in BDSM play situations.  

Not everyone likes having a play partner, nor is it a neccesity to a BDSM relationship. There are however, people who do engage in these relationships. They are indeed a relationship. Maybe not as complicated and involved as a comitted relationship, but a relationship nevertheless.  

It is very important, before engaging in play with anyone on a casual basis, to discuss in great depth what one likes or doesn't like about BDSM play. The same guidelines that are neccessary for a comitted relationship to be developed are neccessary for a play partner arrangement as well. It is important to cover medical topics, safe sex, limits, safe words, and all that before playing. In other words, the same amount of negotiation must take place when forming a play partner relationship. 

Some people enjoy play partner relationships for the pure pysical release it can bring them. The satisfaction of one's need to play can be a great stress reliever. Though, some people have said that even though their body is satisfied, their minds and hearts are not. For some, the play partner arrangment lacks the comittment and emotion that can be found between a sub and his/her master/mistress. 

Play partner relationships, can be a part of a mentoring relationship, or stand on their own. They can be of great benefit to those participating in them. They can also cause great harm if one person thinks the relationship is more than just a physical one. They are not for everyone and should not be entered into lightly. BDSM play is anything but 100% safe, so it is important that one goes slowly in any relationship that will include BDSM play.  



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