Permanent Peircings

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A permanent piercing is like getting one's ears pierced. The jewelry is designed to remain in the body at all times, or most of the time. The piercing hole, is not meant to be allowed to close up or heal over. Examples of such piercings are nipples, tongue, genitals, ears, and navel. The jewelry used for each one is designed to stay in the hole made for it.  

There are many different reasons for selecting a permanent piercing. One must be sure of their reasons before having this done. Doing it just because someone else has one, is probably not a good reason. Like a tattoo, this is a permanent change to your body. A piercing can be removed, but will leave scars behind. The holes required for a permanent peircing are larger than those used for earrings. So if allowed to heal over, they can be more visible, depending on the area of the body.  

A permanent piercing requires that someone push a needle through the skin and underlying tissue to create the opening required. The jewelry is then pushed through these holes and capped off with some sort of end. The most commonly known one is the captured bead ring, where the two ends of the ring hold a small bead tightly between them. The procedure does indeed hurt. How much it hurts depends on the person having it done. Some people say it hurts alot, others say it didn't hurt at all. I've even heard some masochists say it got them extremely aroused.  

A permanent peircing requires time to heal properly. During this time, they can not be played with too much or very heavily. How long healing takes depends upon the person's body. For some people it takes longer, for others it heals faster.  

Some people have a piercing done as a part of a session or scene. In this way the piercing can have more meaning, as well as make it easier for the submissive to deal with the pain. Those who have done their piercings this way, say that it was a beautiful experience for them. 

Permanent piercings differ from play piercings in that their intent is to be there permanently, not just for a short period of time. As well, a play piercing is done for sensation, a permanent piercing is usually done for alot more than that.  

No piercing should be done by anyone who lacks proper training and experience. Some states require that a body piercer be licensed. It is very important that you choose a piercer wisely so the experience can be a positive one, with pleasing results.  

Permanent piercings require differe safety measures and regular cleaning/maintenance. That topic will be addressed in another article. As well, you can check out the FAQ Links section for some links to piercing FAQ's that are full of great information on piercings. 



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