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A contract is a written agreement between two or more parties. A standard contract is usually legally binding. Within D/s, contracts are used to outline more specifically the relationship between the participants and are not legally binding.  

Not everyone uses contracts within their relationship. The use of a contract is a personal decision. Though they can be quite helpful in defining the relationship. They can be as simple or as complex as the participants require them to be.  

To create a contract the participants need to sit down and discuss why they want a contract, what they hope the contract will do for them and just how complex the contract will be.  

Each section of the contract should be discussed and agreed upon by all the participants. Once these discussions (can also be called negotiations) are completed the contract should be written out, reviewed,  discussed, any neccessary changes made, and then signed.  

A contract should be reviewed from time to time and neccessary changes made. As the relationship grows, the participants needs, wants, limits and desires will change. So the contract should also grow to recflect these changes.  

Some contracts are set for a certain period of time (6 months for example) as a means to starting a 24/7 D/s relationship. They can also be used for short term relationships that are training relationships for the submissive. These usually have time limits and may or may not contain an option to renew.  

A contract, though not legally binding, can be extremely emotionally binding between the participants. It can serve as a tangible reminder of the rules for the submissive and the limits for the dominant. It can take on the same symbolism for the participants as a marriage license. 



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