Inexpensive Ways To Fill Your Toybox At Home

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 1997


Not everyone can afford the toys sold in shops or by individuals who make them. With a bit of imagination and effort you can have yourself a wonderful toy box with many different items to create a multitude of different sensations, for less money. A list of some of the more common items is below. Use your imagination and you'll be surprised what good things you can do with the items around your house or found in local stores at less cost. but remember, always play safe! 

I have placed the items into categories, if you know of an item that is not listed here, please feel free to email me and I will add it. 


     rope (various kinds, weights, widths, and colors) different kinds provide different  sensations 
     silk scarves and neckties (careful of knots, they tend to slip) 
     carobiners and suspension harnesses (climbing supply stores) 
     Ace bandages 
     bun gee cords 
     dowel rods (canes and spreader bars) 
     weight belts 
Clothing for Role Play 
     thrift shops 
     yard sales 
     army/navy surplus shops 
     antique shops 
     Police supply 
     Dog collars and leashes (size can be used for neck or light bondage cuffs) 
     (NEVER use a dog collar as suspension cuffs. If you plan to do suspension in your play  then it is best to invest the money in a good set of suspension cuffs for both wrist and  ankle) 
     cages..remote electrical shock collars 
     horse and dog bit gags (at the veterinarian supplier) 
     silk scarves tied together at one end for a handle make a good sensory flogger, to add a bit  of sting, tie knots in the ends of each scarf 
     a length of rope, knotted in the middle and unraveled to the knot will produce a sting..tie  knots in the end of each section and it will produce a harsher sting 
     bicycle inner tubes..cut lengthwise 
     boot laces (leather, tie a bunch together at one end) 
     leather jump rope 
Medical Play: 
     medical/lab supply stores: forceps, catheters, enema gear, latex, needles (depends on laws),  scalpels, speculums, backboards, c-spine collars, and rigid braces 
font color="#3333FF">Miscellaneous: 
     eye bolts, chains, clips, locks (always have spare keys made that work) 
Necessities to have on hand at all times: 
     sharp shears (to cut ropes/scarves used for bondage in case of emergency) 
     first aid kit 
     phone with emergency numbers in reach 
    spare keys to all locks 
     your own nails and teeth 
     wooden clothespins (may need to stretch the coil and never use one more than one person) 
     plastic clothespins 
     metal binder clips 
     wooden or plastic hairbrushes (rounded edges) 
     wooden spoons 
     paint stirrers 
     metal banjo picks (claws) 
     rubber bands 
     pickle pinchers 
     plastic window blinds closing rod (thin rounded ones make a good cane) 
     fishing weights (to hang off clothespins or other clips) 
     ping pong paddles 
     alligator clips 
     sleep masks 
     surgical gloves 
     cotton balls 
     feather dusters 
     ear plugs 
     scarves (for gags) 
     ice cubes 
     Tiger Balm and ben Gay (start with a small amount and never on mucus membranes may  need to dilute them by mixing with KY jelly or another water based lubricant so as not to  burn or irritate the skin) 
     plain paraffin candles 
     bath mitts 
     douches and enemas 
     baby wipes 
     rubbing alcohol 
    your nails and teeth 
    baby oil, scented massage oils, body lotions 

    Books about filling the toy chest at low cost: 

    Bondage on a Budget; The Ultimate Guide to Low Cost Lust 
    Alison Tyler and Dante Davidson 
    Masquerade Books, Inc., NY 
    ISBN 1-56333-570-0 



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