Pregnancy and BDSM

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Pregnancy and BDSM
I have been looking all over the net to find any pregnancy and bdsm information. Master and I are in a committed relationship for 2 and 1/2 years. He loves me dearly and doesn't want to do anything that would jeapardize my or the baby's health - but I don't mind a little spanking here and there. Are there any health issues that we should be aware of ?

Hans Meijer, POWERotics Foundation replies:
Two answers: one, we have a bit on this (mainly breastfeeding and piercing related. Our medical editor is working on pregnancy and BDSM issues, since there is a whole bunch of them to look at. May take considerable time to cover it all. Other than that, there is very little information available, other than scattered bits and pieces

However, the following might be an more general answer:

As a general rule of thumb, there is very little you can do that will harm you or your baby. The baby is nicely tucked away in an environment that has been designed by nature with only one goal in mind: whatever happens keep the baby alive. Your uteres is extremely strong, flexible and the water inside will absorb almost any shock. As a result, the majority of sexual activities can be performed safely during pregnancy.

However, in a BDSM context there are a few things to consider

1) you may have seen pregnancy bondage videos. A good advice: don't do it. The shots you see are almost all trickshots and tieing the belly is simply dangerous.

2) in general, avoid emotinal and physical strain during pregnancy (your body has enough on its hands as it is) so adapting your play is advised. Keep it mild and simple and don't try and do anything that will drain you, put extra pressure on your already overburdoned spine, shoulders and pelvis, hence no bondages (not even your hands behind your back) and no complicated stuff

3) a little mild whipping and spanking will do no harm, but keep it down

4) nipple play won't harm, but as a result of your pregnancy your nipples may feel different and things that might have been possible before may not be now

The general advise is to follow your own instinct, gut feeling and common sense. PLUS - very important for both dom and sub - to remember that your hormones and as a result your emotions will work VERY DIFFERENTLY during pregnancy and that as a result emotions, physical responses and such may be very, very different.

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