Breast Punishment Primer


Author: Matt Nicholson © 2000-2004

Used With Author(s) Permission



After years in the breast bondage and tit torture business, and with hundreds of requests for advice in his files, our favorite Darker Pleasures webmaster finally caved and put together this tongue-in-cheek look at the how-to's and where-for's of tortured tits and bound breasts. Lightheartedness aside, the information in these pages is well researched and intended as a resources for everyone from the newly crowned "Master" of a nervous "slave's" fantasies, to the expert Dom and his or her devoted sub, to everyone in between.

This public printing reprints the members' version of The Primer in its entirety, with only an occasional editorial nip and the absence of full-sized picture links. We consider it a public service of sorts. We hope you do, too.

Now, before we continue, you'll have to bare with a little bit of legalese. Matt Nicholson's Breast Punishment Primer contains all sorts of adult-oriented typing and pictures that talk about the really kinky fetish things that two or more consenting adults can do to a willing pair of knockers.

DON'T EVEN think about reading this if you are under your jurisdiction's age of consent; are offended by breast bondage, nipple torture or tit torture pics, adult BDSM writing or by other female bondage material of this nature; are not entering this site voluntarily; or if it is otherwise illegal for you to view adult material where you're viewing it from.

Also, if you decide to play around with any of the things that are yammered about in these pages, you do so at your own risk. Neither Matt, Darker Pleasures, it's representatives, models, photographers, writers, cousins and other more distant relatives, passing acquaintances, or enemies claim any responsibility if you muck someone's lovely boobs up, or get your own titties mucked up, as a result of reading this entertaining piece of artistic genius and misusing what it says.

That said, and in the words of Matt Nicholson himself, if you agree to all this stuff, "go and do..."

Matt Nicholson's Breast Bondage and Punishment Primer**


May 8, 2012 UPDATE: Mr. Nicholson has released and updated, expanded, and revised e-book version of the Breast Bondage and Punishment Primer. The link above will bring you to the page where his excellent primer can be purchased. Many thanks Mr. Nicholson for allowing LnR to publish your work for these many years, it is greatly appreciated!



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