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It has been my experience that collars mean many different things to many different people. For some, it is merely a play toy. For others, it holds the same significance as a wedding ring. Many others fall in between these two ends of the scale. As with many things in modern day D/s, collaring means whatever it means to you and yours.

Some like to have a formal collaring ceremony and there are many templates to be found for this online. Others just quietly slip the collar around the submissive's neck one night with or without words. I actually "went" to a collaring ceremony online once. They got a private chat room and invited people in as they wanted. Some Dominants will actually rename their submissive at collaring. Some collar for a night, some for a lifetime. Collars can take many different forms. Some choose a collar that is quite jewelry-like and can be worn in public without revealing anything unusual. Some don't care about revealing and wear an obvious leather collar, sometimes with a padlock, in public. I have seen slaves chained together by their collars, denoting that they all belonged to the same owner. And collars don't have to be worn around the neck. I have 2 collars. One for public (an anklet with Master's and my initials on a little plaque) and a black leather one for scening and punishment which fits around my neck. We had the wedding rings engraved inside just like the anklet. Master is the only one who can remove either of my collars. Anyway, to believe there is only one meaning for the collar in today's arena is to dabble in fantasy.


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