Kink First Aid: Burns

Author: Mistress Lisa © 2001


Fire…admonished as children to stay away from it, we find it strangely attracting as adults. But in our newfound glee of discovering the “unforbidden,” we often forget the very real danger of that with which we play.

What are the pitfalls of our chosen obsession? How do we avoid them? And most importantly, what do we do after an injury involving a burn has occurred? This is what we will address in this issue.

First my usual disclaimer. Educate, educate, educate yourselves! This is simply one of many tools available to you. But don’t take my word for it. If in doubt, call 911 the ER or a medical professional.

Wax, flame, branding, and even outside play - whatever your flavor, all hold the potential for disaster. Let’s explore some injuries that may be more commonly encountered, and how to care for these different types of burns.

First-degree burns involve the very first layers of skin. Most of us have encountered this at some point in our lives as common sunburn. Some may be surprised to learn similar “sunburn” can result from wax and fire play. How to avoid it? If your play leads you outside, even on a cloudy day, use sunscreen. Is this your thing? Then make sure you or the person applying the wax tests it on their inner forearm at the same distance they will be applying it to the bottom. Also, because they have to raise the melting temperature of the wax, colored, scented, and beeswax candles and wax should never be used. *(See Editors note) Plain paraffin candles are tolerated the best. Love the experience or fire play? Make sure the flame is wiped away before the ignition medium (usually alcohol) is exhausted. And always keep your burning medium well away from the bottom you’re working on (think spills!)

Now, what to do about it? In all the above cases, a cool compress provides temporary relief. Baking soda baths can sooth sunburn, and Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen (for those whom can take these medications) can help reduce the discomfort. Personally, I consider the first-aid kit in My toy bag to be incomplete without a bottle of Aloe Vera Gel with lidocaine (a numbing agent). And for goodness sakes, no creams, oils or petroleum- based products, they only help to keep the heat in and do more damage in the long run.

Second-degree burns are a more severe case of first degree. Deeper skin layers are involved, with the topmost layers taking greater damage, and blistering appears. Second-degree burns are seen with wax, fire play, and “play branding”. First rule of thumb is do not, I repeat, do not break blisters. You are setting yourself up for some nasty infections if you do. If the area is small and blistering is minor, apply a cold compress or bathe the area is cold water as needed. A sunburn gel or spray with lidocaine or benxocaine may provide some relief. If the area is large (more than a square inch or two) or the blistering severe (one big blister rather than many tiny ones) this needs to be treated by a medical professional. Go to the nearest ER or clinic at once! The risk of infection is even greater with burns of this type than with cuts or lacerations.

Finally, third degree burns. The most severe and dangerous, these involve most if not all layers of the skin. These burns are found in branding and fire play gone horribly wrong. These types of burns kill the skin tissue, leaving a scar to be worn forever. The skin can look white, ashen, or even black. This is a 911 situation, My friends. The emergency dispatcher will ask questions concerning the area burned and give you instructions. Normally laying cool wet cloths over the affected area until paramedics arrive. One important thing to remember, never try to remove clothing that has “burned” into the skin. Also, only very well trained and experienced people should attempt a branding. They are familiar with the dangers and aftercare procedures to insure an infection does not develop within the wound.

In all that you do, educate yourselves not only on the proper way to experience your kink, but prepare yourselves on what to do should something go wrong.

Play safe, My friends.

In Service to the Scene,

Mistress Lisa






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