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Style by dictionary definition means, type, method or a fashion which is designated.

Asian Style
The Asian style of caning can be defined through either Chinese (Sifu) or Japanese (Ninjutsu) style of caning. Most are similar in principle and application, just as East coast and West coast would be for American styles.

The Asian style of caning which is a form of martial arts as it applied to prisoner control and military applications which is the root of BDSM, is on movement that creates energy from the knee up into the body and extends from the hands.

The Asian style of caning which is muted in BDSM play, by the dominant, is modified slightly as to mute the energy as not to severely injure the submissive.

The Dominant's taking up the Asian style, their position would be, taking their legs to shoulder width, bending at the knee, a rigid back, taking the cane into two hands at the handle, strong hand above the weak, thumb loose but along the shaft of the cane, and sending it from the shoulder into a locked straight arm into the hands.

Loose grip is the key, as not to cause the impact to ripple back into the dominant's body, but to send energy out. The cane is always sent on level planes. No curves, not arches but straight impact with a quick snap and immediate lift. Much like a snake attack, bite and retreat. In summary if the target was west the cane would come east to west. A direct line regardless of angle.

If the angle was awkward for the dominant, the flexibility and adjustment in the legs would compensate for the height or angle of the target. Even if the dominant had to squat or deep knee bend.

The delivery would be sent smoothly and swiftly. The principle was to be accurately with speed and fluid motion, from this artistically additional energy was given by keeping the cane in motion rather then to stop and start.

The submissive would be normally in a kneeling position or whip position which is low to begin with. So, the bent knee is very necessary.

The outward appearance of Asian style caning is harsh. However if done with light energy and loose and giving hands, it would be equal to an intermediate American cane stroke. Thus Asian style is kept for intermediate to heavy impact.

The Asian caning style does not tap or pat the submissive, rather it is one blow and allow the flow of energy to radiate in time, through the impact area which is around 10-15 seconds. Recovery for the submissive varies depending on the weight of the impact and target area.

Because the energy of caning in Asian it is recommended that a submissive is not cuffed or bound to furniture. This would also be true in Asia as their honor would keep them without bondage in place. There will be a moment prior to the eruption of the effect of the cane in which is deceivingly peaceful. The eruption comes on like a delayed explosion which will cause the body to thrash. Again, a reason why not to cane in bondage, so that when the submissive does thrash they do not pull shoulders or injure themselves. Further, the kneeling and whip position will be less likely to pose injuries rather then standing unless there is a well padded mat under the submissive if they drop to the floor.

In the Asian style please understand little energy is needed to create dramatic responses.
American Style

The American style of caning, which is common place, is fairly similar to the Asian style, in using the straight line of travel to the target.

Holding the cane with one hand, the most common flaw is to send with the shoulder rather then the wrist. Most that do cane lightly will be able to cane from the wrist most naturally and from there conduct the pats and taps or rapid hits. However the majority of cases of self taught cane use produces the wrong hand holds of the cane. The cane in order to properly work, is to be held with a loose hand, perhaps a light pinch of the index finger and thumb, leaving the middle, ring and little finger to be the sending energy.

The best analogy to describe the proper caning grip for all styles is holding a squeeze bottle with a trigger, and squeezing and releasing that trigger with the three fingers. This in turn allows the natural vibration of the cane to go to the submissive and not back into the dominant.

Another flaw in American caning style has been using the index finger as a pointer on the cane. This mutes the cane and actually sends energy back to the dominant. Holding the cane firmly or in a "death grip" also retards the effect of the cane and causes energy to travel into the dominant's arm. So, in a sense the dominant punishes themselves as well as the submissive.

In American style caning, it us usually used from 3 to 6 inches from the target area. This is the milder impact zone. Six to 8 inches is around the intermediate range and more would be heavy and will do body damage.

In American style caning, the term "layering" is often described and not always understood. In creating a stroke and rhythm, a certain sensation is created. When dominants wish to increase the level of sensation or intensity, the energy and stroke rhythm is slightly increased. When a dominant sees the result of that step upwards, the dominant goes two steps back and strikes and then goes one level higher then the last layer. This amplifies the effect.

To use the term "climb" or "step" is to increase upwards or down in order not skipping levels.

Example of Layering: 3, 1, 4 - in reverse it would be 4,1,3
Example of Step/Climbe: 1,2,3,4 - in reverse it would be 4,3,2,1.
German Style

The German style of caning is often done by accident, by those to whom use the American style. However, German style is a distinct style on it's own.

The best analogy would be that of a porch swing, the old ones that sat 2 people.

In German style, the dominant stands at the submissive's hip and rolls the can from the wrist but up about breast/chest level with a fully extended arm or as to push a swing.

The sending motion is an arch which is sent like this : ) and levels out into a straight line to the target. So, it will look x____)

The energy of German caning style is more severe than American as distance creates more energy, and instead of pushing or throwing weight into an impact, caning uses natural flow of energy through distance.

Again, German caning requires a supple wrist and light hand and keeping it level on the last half of the stroke before impact.

Common flaws in German style, is to swing from the waist and shoulder, rather then drawing the arm down and forward as if to drop the arm naturally and over to the opposite hip.

Analogy best to describe the arm travel, is to put right arm out level with the breast/chest/armpit area, swing down in a crescent, to the waist area then straight across the belt/waist line as if to put the right hand on your left hip, with as little waist action as possible.
English Style

The English Style is more recognized mostly by photographs and is of itself a very intense style.

In taking the German style's swing travel the English style raises the arm and at a slight bend at the elbow, then cocking the wrist slightly as to have the cane at it's highest point at an angle such as this: \ The, dominant to whom is at the point of the hip then swings the cane down into an arch or crescent such as this: ) and then follows through straight into the target as the German style stroke takes.
So, in using these computer fonts, the travel begins: \ | /__ and then from there A to Z is a straight line D_____S .

In delivering or sending the English style stroke, it is to be fluid with as little waist involvement as possible and keeping a loose hand and wrist governs the impact.
Middle-Eastern Style

Middle-Eastern style takes English, and adds more travel distance as the cane literally touches the back of the dominant, then is lifted into where English style begins and finishes but, with a slicing or slashing movement rather than a straight impact.

The Middle-Eastern cane is split on the ends, much like a viper or taws and is meant to injure and/or cause death.

There are no canes that are muted enough to use Middle-Eastern style period. So, Middle-Eastern style is modified as to do heavy impact on a submissive to whom is on the rack or table as to make up for distance lost if in a table like position or grabbing ankles and exposing the buttocks.

It would be more accurate to say that it is a partial Middle Eastern style stroke used on horizontal submissives.

To "chop" like chopping wood only delivers a certain amount of energy whereas, if heavy impact was desired or more energy to the cane was required, Middle-Eastern style will give such.

It is highly recommended to practice a lot on a pillow before trying to use Middle-Eastern style in a muted and modified manner. A dominant must understand that the lightest energy is all that is required for dramatic and high injury and marks. To put any more then wrist into the impact will/can break bones regardless of cane used.

Reprinted with permission, courtesy Lady Hugs
Copyrighted and Registered with the US Library of Congress # TXu 828-635 under Lady Hugs
Not to be reprinted in any format without written permission of the author.



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