The Collar

Author: Lorraine Casey © 2000

The collar is a symbol of ownership within the BDSM
lifestyle. It does not necessarily have to be an actual
collar. In some cases it may be a chain attached to
piercing, a tattoo/branding, or a piece of jewelry.

A collar is not something to be given lightly. It is
symbolic of a serious commitment of ownership
and bears the same importance as a wedding ring.

The collar means that the submissive is not available
Or is “off limits” and serves only the one she/he is
collared by. The collar is the property of the Dominant
and should the two terminate the relationship,
it should be returned immediately .

A Dominant who purses a collared submissive
Is acting improperly and is jeopardizing his/her

Below are examples of the several different types
Of collars often presented.

The Training Collar;
Typically a prelude to a formal collar it is
utilized while the sub/slave is being
taught and is still learning the specific
duties expected by her/his Dominant.

The Formal Collar;
(Also referred to as a Permanent or Slave Collar)
Is given by the Dominant as a symbol of the
bond between them. It represents love, honor,
respect, and loyalty. This collar is usually
presented during a ceremony in front of
witnesses and is often accompanied by a
permanent mark on the submissive/slave.

The Protection Collar;
This particular collar is worn by new
Submissive at various events to show that
She is under the protection of a Dominant. All
approaches to the submissive wearing this collar
should be made through the Dominant whose
protection she is under. This is a temporary collar
 that it is normally returned after the event
has adjourned.



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