The Elegance Of BDSM

Author: Lady Beth ©

used with permission. Lady Beth is a member of S.C. LOCK



This world in which we live today surrounds us, captures us in it's fierce claws and we spin captive in the quest for things, for what might be in the future, and for that which will fulfill us as individuals regardless of the cares of others. Even here, in the south, with our history of hospitality and grace, we find more and more haste and less and less regard for the gentility that is our heritage. We have lost more than we realize, and we miss more than we can possibly appreciate as we move at this hectic pace.

The lush world of BDSM offers us an opportunity to linger in those nearly lost elements of life that can add glorious harmony to the merger of our minds and our bodies. If we will allow it to, and if we will pause in our activities long enough to recognize it, we can find, even wallow in, a gracious elegance of what the interaction and emotions of humans can be, one for another.

For those of you who chose to come along with me thus far, take a deep breath, sit back comfortably, and allow your mind to see and feel the beauty of what BDSM can truly offer.

Imagine this:
She sits in a circle of admirers, her unease at the intense attention directed at her barely perceptible under her calm, this submissive woman, this slave who is an icon of the leather community at large; she has just finished giving us a story, her story and our's, an invaluable lesson of our origins and our history. She writes a small note with a personal touch in each of her books as it is handed to her, fingers no doubt tired from all the signatures and patience stretched by all the requests. All this and yet she pauses so quietly amidst the crowd to respond with her heart, as one Domme offers the brief bob of a bow, a small curtsy to honor both the celebrity of this woman and the beauty and grace of her submissive heart; her hand grasps that of the Domme and she plants the softest kiss of acknowledgement there…

He stands just slightly behind and to the right of his Master, this boy of service and devotion, his demeanor poised to spring to action. His jeans and t-shirt while worn, are immaculate in their cleanliness, and his boots gleam with labored polishing. His attire is proud because it reflects his care and devotion; it is symbolic of his care and devotion to his Master. He rests easy, his downcast gaze calm yet attentive to all that happens around Master, his hands propped lightly at the small of his back yet prepared to spring to action when needed, every nuance of Master's movements and reactions are fodder for his mind as you see him assess just what might be needed next and even more, what might cross Master's mind as a desire…

The scene begins abruptly, and as a curtain rising on a stage, you can see how her submission rises. Immediately she is gone from this plain room, she is oblivious to those around her watching, for her there is only Mistress and her knife. It is as if you can see her essence begin to float about the reality of her body, you can sense her submissive spirit, you believe you could almost reach out and caress it as it hovers all around and yet somehow outside of her body. This is the invisible power exchange, and yet it can be sensed as surely as the warm flesh of her body is touched by the sharp edge of the knife…

His male-ness is tucked away under the smart cut of 'her' dress, 'her' shoes and stockings are perfectly coordinated, and 'her' movements are subtle and feminine. You stop to look more closely as your brain begins to absorb that there is more to her than first meets the eye. And then she moves about performing her duties, greeting the guests, serving the refreshments, tidying the clutter left by the company as they socialize. There is a gentle grace in her movements, they are precise and efficient, yet there is a sensuous sway to her hips and a beautiful, rapt expression paints her face as she gives her service so willingly and generously…

The play has ended; the two are bound tightly in a cocoon of expended energy and power. The Dominant holds the submissive, comforting, praising, refreshing. The essence of their exchange remains palpable in the air, and if it were colored there would be a soft purple cloud enveloping them as a royal robe wraps a king. The couple seem beyond common intimacy, it feels almost painfully intrusive for you to view, and yet your eyes are drawn inexorably to the dynamic beauty that continues between them long after the last whip and piece of rope are laid to rest…

Yes, if we open our eyes, if we open our souls, we can find these elegant moments for ourselves. All we need do is take the time, learn from each other, acknowledge the beauty of diversity, and reflect on the graciousness and power that is laid before us. Surely this is worth the effort, for surely that journey is filled with wondrous moments that will bring to us a touch of elegant gentility that the rest of the world has forgotten to enjoy.






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