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According to surveys, for most men there is nothing like pulling down a woman's panties and seeing either a bare patch or at least a well trimmed forest. Yep, apparently it makes most of them want to jump right in and devour the area.

One thing I'd like to point out to the men that read this article is that if you expect her to remove her jungle for you, then for the sake of fairness, you should be prepared to do like wise. All's fair in love and pubic hair shaving after all.

I don't recommend that you suggest mutual shaving to a lady on your first date, or to the woman across from your apartment that you watch undress night after night. This is one activity that is better practised only by long-term couples.

When you consider that your partner will be holding a sharp object around your most sensitive and prized possesion, trust is the keyword here. One wrong move and you can change your name to Bobit, although he doesn't seem to have done so badly for himself! Of course this won't happen and I'm just trying to make the point that trust is a very important issue amongst a couple that decide to perform major surgery, uh, I mean try this at home.

Possibly the best thing about letting someone trim your bush is that the anticipation will act as a form of foreplay in itself. Her knowing or not knowing what act you are about to perform for her will only go to enhance the sexual foreplay factor.

Don't think that you can do this in ten minutes, shaving requires patience. Don't worry though the outcome will probably result in the best sex you've experienced. Here's a little game you might like to try. You agree that she can't move her hands out or reach out to touch you at anytime during the shaving process. Of course you will have to endure the same unusual punishment/pleasure when it's her turn to shave you.

When it's time to begin the actual shaving, please don't treat the process as though you were shaving your face. Your not! You may have been shaving your face most of your adult life, but if this is the first time you've shaved your partner, I beg you stop and think. Plus it's your turn next remember! It might be a good idea to start by lightly shaving her legs first. Once your able to do that without any nicks and cuts, you can gradute upwards until you reach her pleasure patch. When it comes to her shaving you then you could ask her to start with your face! Fair is fair after all.

Start by purchasing all the necessary equipment for the operation, sorry, I mean shaving. This is something that it can be fun to do together as well. Buy some female shaving cream, you know the ones that claims they will leave here soft and smooth because of all the natural ingredients they contain, and come in pretty cans. A word of caution here, heavily scented shaving foams, may smell nice but they can also cause irritation.

Obviously you will need razors, please don't use the one you used this morning to shave your face. It's not clever, it's not funny and it won't save you money in the end! You could even, pick one of those pretty pink ones for her and a blue one for you. Then you might want to consider some aftershave moisturising cream that you can slowly rub into the designated area. Again watch out for heavy scents.

So know your ready for the big event.

It's not necessary to be in the bathroom or the shower room to get the job done, although it does make things easier.

If you opt for another room to set up Barbers shop in, I strongly recommend that your lady takes a hot shower first. This will open her pores and make shaving a lot easier. In fact why not shower together? It's important before you start that you are both relaxed and comfortable. No one wants this to be an unpleasant experience, talk to each other, make each other laugh, this is supposed to be fun as well you know.

So there she is lying on the soft fluffy towel that you thoughtfully placed beneath her. If her pubic hair is long enough to be styled and blow-dried then I suggest you try trimming it with a a sharp pair of scissors. This sure makes life easier when it comes to the actual shaving. I'll assume here that she keeps herself trim anyway.

It's important to discuss what she would like: Bald as in Kojak bald, or perhaps she would like a love heart! Use your imaginations here but make sure you both know what you want.

Now place an adequate amount of shaving cream on her pubic area and get down and dirty with that razor. When you start, I recommend that you shave along the hair growth first, then against it, and then with it once again in order to close the pores. This method also lasts longer. The most important thing here is to - TAKE YOUR TIME - your not running a race.

Remember to clean the razor every couple of strokes. When you are finally done shaving to yours and her liking, then make sure you apply some cool water, again this ensures that the pores close.

Now it's time to apply that cream you brought earlier. Warm the cream in your hands first, she's feeling sexy and special right now, nothing kills that feeling faster than cold cream being slapped on the area. Massage the cream in going with the flow of the hair growth. Be careful not to get any on her vagina as this can lead to infection or irritation. I'll say it again - TAKE YOUR TIME.

That's it you've finished! Congratulations. Now it's your turn, that is if you can keep your hands off her new look of course.

A word to the guys out there that are now going, "There's no way I'm shaving my nads for anyone." Doing it makes your cock look like it's two inches bigger! Oh yes it does. Think about it, a larger looking cock and she does the work! Sounds like a good deal to me. Then what would I know I'm only a female...



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