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It's a jungle out there! All sorts of viruses, bacterias, yeastie beasties and insects! Why mention STD's on a site about BDSM? Several reasons! There are more recognized diseases out there to be caught. Spouses are not always faithful. People sometimes make mistakes. Using barrier methods such as condoms work for reducing the risk of some of these diseases, but have no effect on the others. Many of these diseases have no symptoms. Some are incurable. Some cause infertility, pelvic inflamatory disease (ouch!), stillbirth and other irreversable complications. Protect your health and that of your children!


Hepatitis A
yellow jaundice
15–50 days; 
28 days avg
loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, fever, abdominal pain, jaundice, enlarged liver,
nausea, fever
vaccine to prevent, immune globulin shots if exposed
liver disease including cancer & cirrhosis, may cause premature labor, may be transmitted to baby during birth; highly contageous; can be passed by eating contaminated food
Hepatitis B
45-160 days abdominal pain, jaundice, enlarged liver no cure, preventative vaccine available liver disease including cancer & cirrhosis, may cause premature labor, may be transmitted to baby during birth
Hepatitis C
14 days -6 months;
6-9 week avg
overwhelming fatigue but may lie silent for years no cure, no vaccine treatment with anti-virals helps only 40% of patients liver disease including liver cancer & cirrhosis
test positive within 3 months varies;  may appear as flu like illness, swollen glands, night sweats, cough, certain cancers; and diseases not otherwise seen in healthy people no vaccine, no cure;  treatment to   treat and/or postpone diseases  and certain cancers;  treatment for symptoms severely compromises the body's immune system which allows many infections to develop including AIDS and some specific types of cancer
Pubic Lice crabs parasite
7-10 Days itching and burning of pubic area special insecticide shampoo insect bites may become infected
Syphilis syph, bad blood, the pox bacteria
10-90 days;
avg 21 days
varies depending on stage;  initially a painless sore at the point of entry;  may have swollen glands; later rash may develop, especially on hands; flu-like illness;  may have hair loss curable with antibiotic varies with age. adults:  nervous system damage, heart disease or death;  infants:  stillbirth, attacks multiple organ symptoms resulting in meningitis, brain damage and birth defects
Trichonoiasis trich protozoan
4-20 days;
avg 7 days
may NOT have any symptoms;  women have a white or yellow smelly vaginal discharge; men may have clear discharge from penis;  BOTH may have itching and burning on urination curable with medication long term effect not yet determined
1-3 weeks women usually do not have symptoms;  may have vaginal or urethral discharge and pelvic pain curable with antibiotics sterility, pelvic inflammatory disease [PID], premature birth, pneumonia and eye infections; teenage and young women are at high risk because their cervix is not fully developed
Genital Herpes
a few days-3 weeks usually painful blisters or sores;  may be mild or  go unnoticed NO cure;  medications given to relieve pain and prevent bacterial infections can be passed to infant during childbirth causing brain damage or death
Genital Warts human papalomia virus virus
6 weeks-8 months warty-like growths in genital and/or anal area NO cure;  individual warts may be removed by medication, freezing or laser therapy;  virus will STILL be present in tissue can block penis, vagina or anus;  may be passed to infant during birth;
Gonorrhea the clap, drip bacteria
2-10 days discharge from vagina/penis and/or anus;  pelvic pain;  sore throat;  men can have painful urination;  may not have any symptoms curable with antibiotics infertility, arthritis, rash, kidney and heart disease;  may cause blindness in infants
Vaginitis [bacterial vaginosis]
yeast infection bacterial vaginosis varies
varies with type;  doctor needed for diagnosis may have NO symptoms;  itching, burning, vaginal pain;  increased, smelly or different discharge;  can transmit organism to males; men may have painful urination varies depending on type of infection;  consult physician symptoms will continue unless treated;  men may carry the infection and be without symptoms.  men may get infection of penis, urethra and or prostate gland; increases chance of getting HIV if exposed
Molluscum Contagiosum
1 week to 6 months;  2-3 month avg sores are usually present on the thighs, buttocks, groin and lower abdomen of adults; may occasionally appear on the external genital and anal region;  may begin as small bumps which can develop over a period of several weeks into larger sores/bumps;  sores can be flesh colored, gray-white, yellow or pink; can cause itching or tenderness in the area removal since it is easy for person to transmit infection to other areas of their body by touching sore then other area of skin
unsightly, can spread in swimming pools, hot tubs;  no long term effect BUT can last from 2 weeks to 4 years -- the average is 2 years.

parasite burrows under the skin and begins laying eggs within a few hours of infection and continues to lay 2 to 3 eggs daily;  eggs hatch in 10 days and cycle continues symptoms appear 4-6 weeks after infection and are usually brown nodules, rashes, or pimple-like irritations. medicated creames and medications
infected bedding, clothing, furniture and carpeting must be cleaned to get rid of mite

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