Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

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People in a healthy relationship encourage each other to become all that they are capable of becoming. Individual growth is vital for growth as a couple. Although each person desires the other, each can survive without the other.

The two people are equal in the relationship. In a marriage the husband and wife are equal but different. A confusing and often contreversal concept, but true.

Each person in the relationship has a truly separate identity; they each give and receive without losing their separateness. They also allow the other person to have friends and to do things with their friends separate from them.

Each person assumes responsibility for his or her own level of happiness and refrains from blaming the other if he or she is unhappy.

Two way communication is vital. The two people In the relationship are able to have fun and play together; they enjoy doing things with each other.

Both people respect the other's right to say no to sexual activity.

People in healthy relationships do not manipulate, exploit or use the other. Each shows some flexibility in role behavior.

Nothing on this page should be considered a substitute for counseling. If you feel you and/or your child is in an abusive relationship, get help now!






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