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The following is a playlist for determining the basic kink-compatibility. It is not meant to be exhaustive.  It is useful in focusing discussions of D/s play. 

Activities are organized by some sort of vague categories. But, as with most everything, you might categorize some items very differently.  However, organizing activities in some way allows 
the Dom to get some idea of whether the sub's interests are primarily sexual, obedience, masochistic etc. 

I also make it clear to the sub that not everything on the list is something I like or expect. I personally do not give the sub my list. This is a personal preference of mine. I want to see what 
the sub likes, absent my input. I assume that this will start to shift once he or she knows what I like. But I want the raw data first. 

A. Indicate for each item how you FEEL about that activity by rating it on a scale of 0 to 5 or if you choose you may put NO. NO means that you will NOT do that item under any circumstances. 

0-means you LOATHE that activity and you may even be appalled at it --but you are willing to try 
   it at least a little to please the Dominant. 
1-means you don't care --and you'll do it. 
2-means it's pleasurable or fun, not real hot. 
3-means you're curious about it, not sure how you'll respond. 
4-means you love it, you get hot thinking of it. 
5-means the activity is a wild turn-on, you're 
   frantic to try it or do it more 

B. Indicate for each item whether you have actual experience with that activity. 

C. Unless otherwise specified, it is assume that the activity WILL BE DONE *TO* YOU 

                                           Done it                    How I Feel About It 
   `    `                             YES OR NO                   NO--1-2-3-4-5 


Anal penetration 
Anal penetration (doing) 
Cock worship (doing) 
Cunnilingus (getting) 
Cunnilingus (giving) 
Double penetration (oral/anal) 
Eating/drinking cum (others') 
Eating/drinking cum (own) 
Fellatio (receiving) 
Fellatio (giving) 
Favorite Position or Positions 


Degree of immobility or helplessness enjoyed [circle one] 

SLIGHT         ((MODERATE))       EXTREME 

                                 DONE It                  How I FEEL 
                                 YES or NO               NO-1-2-3-4-5 


Bondage (light) 
Bondage (heavy) 
Breast bondage 
Collars (leather) 
Collars (other) 
Cuffs (leather) 
Cuffs (other) 
Gags (ball) 
Gags (funnel) 
Gags (panties) 
Gags (other) 
Harnessing (suspended) 
Intricate rope bondage 
Leather restraints 
Saran wrapping 
(Breast Stocks) 
Strapping - full body 
Suspension (inverted) 


Boot worship 
Corsets (wearing) 
Corsets (on others) 
Foot Worship 
Forced x dressing 
High heel wearing 
High heel worship 
Latex wearing 
Latex, on others 
Rubber wearing 
Rubber on others 
Leather wearing 
Leather on others 


Breath Control 
Brown showers 
Eating/drinking own waste 
Physical Examinations 
Golden showers 
Medical scenes 
Menstrual service 
other Water Sports 


Some of these items are listed elsewhere when done for effect, and not intense sensation. 

Clip and Clamps 
Cock & Ball torture 
Electrical play 
Needles (Play piercing) 
Scratching (giving) 
Scratching (receiving)                                                      (depending on intensity) 
Spanking (over knee) 
Spanking (other) 
Whipping (single tail) 
Whipping (other) 
Other pain  (Specify) 


Branding, not for pain but 
  for marking -- NO HICKIES) 
Chosen, clothing for 
Chosen, food for 
Chosen, toys for 
Fantasy rape 
Following orders 
Forced nudity 
Forced servitude 
  collared, x dressed) 
*Given away 
  (Please go over what this 
  means to you before trying it with me.) 
Hair pulling 
Hoods (leather) 
Hoods (metal) 
Hoods (other) 
Housework (nude,collared) 
Humiliation in private 
Humiliation in public 
Licking (receiving) 
Licking (doing) 
Massage - getting 
Massage - giving 
Mouth bits 
Piercing (permanent) 
Phone sex 
Plaster casting genitals 
Romantic play 
Sensory deprivation 
Serving as ashtray 
Serving as furniture 
Serving as a maid 
Serving as a pony 
Shaving <genitals> 
Shaving <whole body> 
Soap in mouth 
Recruiting victims 
Verbal humiliation 
Videoed scenes 

******    NO!!!!! to punching ,kicking or face slapping****** 

For you, the turn on of D/s is:  [pick 3 and rate 1 the most important]: 
visual          _____ 
psychological   ____ 
Aural (sound)   _____ 
Sensory-intense _____ 
emotional       ____ 
Sensual-erotic  ____ 

What positions have the highest erotic value for you, unless specified, 
positions are not bound [rate as many as you like] 

Standing bondage     ____ 
Lying on back        ____ 
Lying face down      ____ 
Kneeling             ____ 
Hands & Knees        ____ 
[other]              ____ 

What toys have the highest erotic value for you 
[1=some interest; 2=pretty exciting; 3=very erotic] 

Whips                  ____ 
Floggers               ____ 
Canes                  _____ 
Paddles                ____ 
Electrical toys        ____ 
Ropes                  ____ 
Chains                 _____ 
Leather Restraints     ____ 
Wax                    ____ 
Knives                 _____ 
Nipple clamps          ____ 
Clothespins            ____ 
Paddles                ____ 
Uniforms               _____ 
Dildoes                ____ 
Vibrators              ____ 
Butt plugs             ____ 
Gags                   ____ 
Handcuffs              _____ 
Blindfolds             ____ 
Belts                  _____ 
Harnesses & Slings     _____ 
Boots/shoes            _____ 
Clothing               ____ 
Collars                ____ 

What parts of your body are the most erotically sensitive? 
[list them by sensitivity) 
clit ___________ 
nipples ________ 
anus ___________ 
lips _______________ 
breasts ___________ 
puss (labia, vagina) ____ 
fingers __________ 
ears and neck ________ 
soles ___________ 
feet & legs ________ 
buttocks ____________ 

What parts of your Dom's body would you most like to pleasure: 
[list all] 

What do you wish your dominant to teach you? 





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