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 Negotiation for a scene is usually done between play partners the first few times they play. Hence the terms bottom and top are being used in the sample form below. Normaly within a comitted dominant/submissive relationship, negotiating for every scene is not neccessary, though it does take place for special scenes. (example: consentual rape fantasy) Again, this is just one sample, and for informational purposes only. Each person's relationship is different. Though having such a form as a basis for negotiation makes it easier not to forget something and enables better safety with participants who do not know each other extremely well.  - Raven Shadowborne


              Sample Negotiation Form
Answer the questions honestly and openly, for this will help the top in making the bottom's experience wonderful. 

        People Who will take part: 
        Who will watch: 
        Note: The session will involve only those people specify named above. 

    Will any permanent record be made of the session, photo, video, audio?:    {Yes/ No  Explanation:}
2: ROLES: 
       Who will be topt: 
       Who will be bottom: 

             Mistress/Master &Slave 
             Cross-dressing/gender play 
             age play 
             animal play 

4: Any chance of switching roles?   {Yes /No Explanation:} 

       Who will ensure privacy?: 


    Time Begin at: 
        Beginning signal: 
        Ending signal: 
        Who will keep track of time?: 


    Will bottom promptly obey? {Yes/ No Explanation:} 
    May the top "overpower" or  "force" the bottom ? {Yes/ No Explanation :} 
    May the bottom verbally resist? {Yes /No Explanation } 
    May the bottom  physically resist? {Yes /No Explanation } 
    May the bottom try to "turn the tables"? {Yes /No Explanation } 
    Does the bottom agree to wear a collar? {Yes /No Explanation } 
    The bottom agrees to address the dominant by the what title?:
    Bottoms's limits: physical/emotional/SM activity limits: 

    Top's limits: physical/emotional/SM acitivty limits:

    Any problems with the bottom's: 
      Heart   {Yes /No Explanation } 

       Liver {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Lungs {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Neck/Back/Bones/Joints {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Kidneys {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Nervous System/Mental {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Is the bottom wearing contact lenses? {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Does the bottom have implanted pace maker? {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Drug Metering Pumps? {Yes /No Explanation }

    Does the bottom have a history of: 
      Seizures {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Dizzy Spells {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Diabetes {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Hyperglycemia {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Seizures Disorders {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Known Brain Wave Abnormalities {Yes /No Explanation } 

      High Blood Pressure {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Fainting {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Asthma {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Heart Rhythm Oddities {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Hyperventilation attacks {Yes /No Explanation }

    Describe any phobias: 

    Any surgical implants (breast, face, etc.?) 

    Is the bottom taking aspirin? Yes/ No 
    Is the bottom taking ibuprofen, Motrin, or other non-steroidal, anit-infammatory drugs? Yes/ No 
    Is the bottom taking antihistamines? Yes/ No If yes which one? 
    Other medications (and side effects of)  bottom is taking: 

    Allergic to: 
     Bandage tape: {Yes /No Explanation } 
    Nonoxynol-9 {Yes /No Explanation } 
    Latex {Yes /No Explanation } 
    Other allergies: {Yes /No Explanation } 

    In case of emergency notify: 

    Any problems with the top's: 
      Heart {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Liver {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Lungs {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Neck/Back Injuries {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Bones/Joints {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Kidneys  {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Nervous System/Mental {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Heart Rhythm Oddities {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Seizure Disorders {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Implanted Pace Maker {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Drug Metering Pumps {Yes /No Explanation } 

      Known Brain Wave Abnormalities {Yes /No Explanation } 

    Top's other medical conditions: 

    Medications top is taking: {Yes /No Explanation } 

    Is the dominant currently certified in First Aid and CPR: {Yes /No Explanation } 

    Paramedic scissors: Yes/ No 
    Fire extinguisher: Yes/ No 
    First Aid Kit: Yes/ No 
    Blackout lights: Yes/ No 
    Flashlight: Yes/ No 
    Extra Keys to all locks: Yes/ No
Will play take place in an isolated area such as a farmhouse or other location?: Yes/ No 
If yes, what precautions will ensure the submissive's safety if the dominate becomes unconscious? 

13: SEX 

    Are you Male? 
    Are you Female? 
    Are you a TS? 

    Does any participant believe they might have a trichomonas or yeast infection? Yes/ No 
    Does any participant believe they might have herpes?  Yes/ No 
    Does any participant believe they might have any STD? Yes/ No 
    Does any participant believe they might have Hepatitis? Yes/ No 
    Have participants been tested for HIV? Yes/ No 

      Been tested positive? Yes/ No
    Check off which of the following sexual acts are acceptable and state whether it is top to bottom, bottom to top, or both.: 
      Masturbation " " 
      Fellatio " " 
      Cunnilingus " " 
      Rimming " " 
      Anal Fisting " " 
      Vaginal Fisting " " 
      Vaginal intercourse Yes No 
      Anal intercourse " " 
      Is swallowing of semen acceptable?
15: TOYS 
    Will any sex toys such as vibrators, dildoes, butt plugs, ben wa balls, etc be used? Yes/ No 
     If yes, describe them: 

    Which of the above activities will involve birth control pills,  diaphragms, spermicidal suppositories, lubricants containing  nonoxynol-9, or contraceptive foam/suppositoried/gel? 

    Which of the above activities will involve condoms, gloves, dental  damns, and/or other barriers? 

        The top can use (only) the following intoxicants during the  session: (acceptable and quantity) 

       The bottom can use (Only) the following intoxicants during the session: (acceptable and quantity) 


        The bottom agrees to allow (only) the following types of bondage: 

      Hands in front Yes/ No 
      Hands behind Yes/ No 
      Ankles  Yes/ No 
      Knees  Yes/ No 
      Elbows Yes/ No 
      Wrists to ankles(hog-tie) Yes/ No 
      Spreader bars: Yes/ No 
      Tied to Chair Yes/ No 
      Tied to bed Yes/ No 
      Use of blindfold Yes/ No 
      Use of gag Yes/ No 
      Use of hood Yes/ No 
      Use of rope Yes/ No 
      Use of handcuffs/metal restraints Yes/ No 
      Use of tape Yes/ No 
      Use of leather cuffs Yes/ No 
      Suspension Yes/ No
    Acceptable degree of immobility/helplessness:  Limited Moderate Extreme Explanation
18: PAIN: 
    Bottom's general attitude about receiving pain: (choose one) Likes Accepts Neutral Dislikes Will not accept 

    Quantity of pain bottom wants to receive: (choose one) None Small Average Large Explanation: 

    Top's general attitude about giving pain:(choose one) Likes Neutral Dislikes 

    Quantity of pain top wants to give:(choose one) None Small Average Large Explanation: 

    The following types of pain are acceptable: 

      Spanking Yes/ No 
      Paddling Yes/ No 
      Whipping Yes/ No 
      Caning Yes/ No 
      Face slaps Yes/ No 
      Biting Yes/ No 
      Nipple clamps Yes/ No 
      Genital clamps Yes/ No 
      Clamps elsewhere Yes/ No 
      Hot creams Yes/ No 
      Ice Yes/ No 
      Hot Wax Yes/ No 
      Other types/methods of pain: Yes/ No If yes: describe
Additional remarks: 

19: MARKS: 

    Is it acceptable to the bottom if the play leaves marks? Yes/ No 
      Visible while wearing street clothes? Yes/ No 
      Visible while wearing a bathing suit? Yes/ No 
      Other: If yes, describe


    Is it acceptable to the bottom if the play draws small amounts of  blood? Yes/ No 

    How easy of difficult has it been to mark the bottom in the past? Yes/ No


        The bottom agrees to accept being referred to by the following terms: 

        The bottom agrees to the following forms of erotic humiliation: 

         "Verbal abuse" Yes/ No 
        Enemas Yes/ No 
        Spitting Yes/ No 
        Water Sports Yes/ No 
        Scat games Yes/ No 
    Any prior really good or really bad experiences in these areas? Yes/ No explanation
        Safe Words #1 and its meaning : 
        Safe word #2 and its meaning : 
        Safe word #3 and its meaning : 
        Non-verbal safe words and their meaning : 
        Will "two-squeezes" be used? Yes/ No 
    Safe call set up? Yes/No explain 

        Anything in particular either party would like to try and explore? Yes/ No 

        After the session we need a coming down period. Yes/ No 

        The next day we should discuss how things went. Yes/ No 

        A week later follow-up In case of crisis: Yes/ No 

    Anything Else?

        Top Best Part 1-10 scale(ten tops) : 

        Worst Part 1-10: 

        Most memorable part: 

        1-10 Other comments: 

        Bottom Best part 1-10: 

        Worst Part 1-10 

        Most memorable 1-10 

        Other comments 







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