Slave Contract

Author: Don Rogers © 1997

The contract below is presented to show the different ways people use contracts in their relationship. It is copyrighted to the above author and may not be used without his direct permission. 

I, ________________________________ evidenced by my signature below, respectfully request that the bearer of this document, whomever that my be, allowed me to be part of a total power exchange, Dominant and submissive relationship with myself as the submissive.

I also understand that the bearer may freely trade this document to anyone at any time and I will continue to abide by the terms therein.

I understand that this relationship may include, but is not limited to, prolonged periods of bondage, sexual frustration, sexual acts with both males and females, public nudism, exhibitionism and pain and / or punishment with whatever implements the bearer may wish to use.

I accept any decision the bearer may make as to the time, place, reason, severity, length and implement of any punishment they may see fit to inflict upon me.  I understand I may be punished for no reason what so ever. I freely give up any right to protest the bearer's decision in this matter.

I understand that this relationship may include sexual acts of an oral, anal and vaginal nature.  I understand that I may be required to engage in sexual acts with other females or multiple partners of either sex.

I understand that photographs or videotapes of me engaging in any activity may be taken.  These photographs or videotapes become the sole property of the bearer of this document at the time the photographs or videotapes are taken.  While I prefer to keep these photographs or videotapes private, I understand that they are not my property to control and the bearer may do with them as they please.

I request that no sex with a minor, animal or the use of bodily functions is engaged in.  I agree to keep myself free from sexually transmitted disease and am assured the bearer will do the same.  Any violation of this paragraph voids this document completely.

I freely give the bearer power to interpret this document as they see fit except for the paragraph immediately above this one.

In exchange for being allowed to enter into this relationship, I give to the bearer the sole and exclusive use of my body.  This may include, but is not limited to, the length of my hair, shaving of my body hair, piercing, tattooing, body weight, and manner of dress and undress.  I freely give the bearer the right to refuse or order any modification to my body as the bearer may see fit.  I agree that I will enter into no other agreement with any other person for the use of my body, to include sexual relations, without first obtaining permission from the bearer of this document.

I freely and knowingly sign this document on the ______day of _________, _____.


SIGNATURE OF WITNESS:______________________________________   DATE:_______________



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