The View From The Dragon's Lair: What Age Play Means To Me

Author: Dragon~Lord aka Dennis © 2003

Used With Author(s) Permission


"How the trees were so high
The cheese in the sky
Were parts of my imagination.
I was goblins and elves
With small mushrooms shelves
As brothers Grimm would tell their stories
Opening my eyes in the morning I would see
Patterns in the trees making shapes that were a
Face to me
In those tireless times
And those carefree lines
That we draw ourselves
But they're never kept
I know magic is a child
Imagination is alive
Magic is imagination
A child is alive
Imagination is alive
Magic is a child
Alive as a child's imagination
--Nektar "Magic is a Child"

"When the night is covered in fear,
The shadows, silent terror filled screams,
Every noise recalls memories from a beast,
And my breath is labored, my spit un-swallowed!

Yet, I can hear" it's all right dear!"
"Things are not as they seem!"
"Rest well my little one, sleep in peace!"
As my Daddy rocks me in his arms hallowed.
"Daddy's arms" - Dragon~Lord

When I was told that the loose theme was 'Age Play' I felt I had to put in my two cents worth. In this life I have dealt with, and still deal with, these terms that try to confine so much into a small compartment for easy grasping, this included. So here I go with my own take on what "Age Play" means to me.

To some it is the naughty cheerleader in the short pleated skirt, or the catholic girl gone 'bad' in her school uniform. To others it may be a reenactment of a recurring dream of taking or being taken. I have found that for some it is a means and a place of security. The ones that I have dealt with pertaining to this vary greatly. It may be sitting in front of a fire in their pj's covered in flowers or unicorns or other child-like icons, coloring maybe in-maybe outside the lines with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of hot cocoa, while Daddy watches TV, reads or occasionally making comments on how beautiful their drawings are. It may be letting them sit at the table and having the time to play with blocks, legos, play-doh, scissors and paper to relive a secure and happy time that they may, or may not, have had. I asked those in my immediate group what it meant to them. The following is their words:

This topic has a few meanings to me. One being that I enjoy dressing younger from pre-teen and up. Playing roles of student, daughter, and niece. It gives me a chance to lose my innocence all over again. From experiencing punishment, to reliving events that can only be seen from a child's eyes. I have blocks that I play with, and my play-doh and my coloring books and colors. Not always do I need to be in a 'scene' to go into a younger mode. I enjoy being allowed to express my inner self. There are times that I crave a punishment that only a Father can give to His daughter. As strange as it sounds...i feel more "free" to be who I am when my Sir allows me to be 'little'. I do not really look at Age Play as being sexual. Maybe doing things I didn't do when I was younger because of growing up too fast. I even get excited if all I can do is wear my pigtails with colored balls or the ones that have puppies on them. Part of age play, I feel, makes me into a better person. Able to let go of things I cannot change and learn to come to grips with things that happened long ago. ~Look into the eyes of a 'little' one, there is unconditional love, know that the child would do anything asked or instructed just to be found pleasing to her Daddy. ~ ~It is for me, a way of releasing my normal distrust in the world around me. I have to really, really trust the one whom I call Daddy, for he is taking a very precious part of me and guarding it. Enveloping me in a cocoon of security, a web of isolation where I can take the high-pressure grind, the high demands of my professional and personal life and hang it on a hook. Like a cloak that is not needed within the warm confines of my Daddies hearth, I can be me at any age I feel comfortable being. It is a very powerful release and exchange~

~ Sometimes I just want to be that bad good little girl; sometimes yes it is almost purely sensual and sexual and explosive. We are not into children! We are into adults playing or reliving the curiosity, wonder, and exploration of a childhood we may have lived, wished we could have lived, or even just had nocturnal fantasies about, that wetted our appetites as teenagers/young adults. ~

Sometimes it is nice to just be as innocent as we once were but did not have to time to enjoy. Some of us did not experience the greatest of first sexual experiences; it was far too short, far to fast, far too blurry and maybe far too disappointing. Do you remember your first time? Did you really have time to explore the other person's body? Did you get to run your hands in wonder over the unfamiliar curves of another, exploring the nooks and crannies of a newly discovered territory? Building into a sweltering heat of unbridled passion. Or was it a unbridled groping of clumsy digits, ungainly and slightly awkward grappling, that may have ended far, far too soon, cumulating in disappointment for one or even both parties?

With 'Age Play' one can role-play or return to a head space where safety, security, or even wonder and playfulness can be relived. Though I hesitate to use the term role-play for some it is synonymous to posing or being a poser. In the manner that I am speaking about it is not. If one has ever been in any state of mind, one can return to it with the proper stimuli for recall. For those that I am or have been Daddy for, it is not a game; it is how they are at the here and now!

Sure there are times when sex plays a part in some scenarios and then again there are others where it is the last possible thing to come close to this scene or timeframe. Just like hopefully one would never truly take advantage of a true innocent, if the one I am protecting is in a head space of a little, a term we and a few others have used to describe one in a true child-like state. Sex NEVER is a part of it; it is unfortunate that many people have demons from their past that may have removed some of their childhood and their innocence, sometimes 'Age Play' is just a way to return to that innocence with real security. Something they may have lacked. I do not deal with infantilism, because in most cases the person is looking for the security of Mother, and I just don't fit that bill. Daddy yes, Mama and diapers, no! As the dino kid said on TV, "Not the mama!" Understand also, I do enjoy the naughty cheerleader, the abducted heiress, the catholic girl in heat, or the wanton girl scout eager to sell her cookies. (As long as they are of legal age, of course!) Psychodramas are outstanding fun as long as you remember that the field you are playing on, may also double as a minefield. Clear the path and remember to be a good scout and leave the area clean and better than you found it.

One thing that has been and will always be a part of my own credo is: a Top is for tonight, a Dom is for how ever long they are needed, a Master is as long as they seek mastery, but a Daddy is forever. Those who are no longer mine as sub, or slave are still and for ever my children and a Dom can be angry, a Master can shut out, but a Daddy always is there when needed. (Though for me a Master and a Daddy are greatly entwined as one and the same.)

If you have any question or comments good or bad, please I would like to hear them, just remind me which article you are speaking of please and as always this is just my opinion, so take what you like and leave what you don't.

Be well, and adieu

Sans peur et sans reproche
(At least I try to be)

"What colour is a Dragon my son?" "Crimson Master, Bloody Crimson, no matter what doth the eye say!"






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