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The importance of a woman's clitoris as the source of her greatest sexual pleasure was driven home in the Kinsey studies of the mid-40s, but in 1950, a German obstetrician/gynecologist named Ernst Grafenberg, wrote of a highly sensitive area located inside a woman's vagina. His article appeared in a German medical journal and received little attention by the general public. This erogenous spot had been ignored by writers of sexuality books for lovers until 1982, when the team of Alice Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John Perry published their book titled The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries about Human Sexuality. In honor of Dr. Grafenberg, they named the sensitive area "the Grafenberg spot," playfully abbreviating this to simply "the G Spot." This book has never gone out of print and has been translated into 19 foreign languages.

As seen in the diagram, the area known as the G Spot is located in and up (if the woman is on her back). It can be stimulated by inserting one (or two fingers if this is comfortable for the woman) and bending them up, pushing up firmly into the top of surface the vaginal canal... up behind her pubic bone. Curling the fingers, as though motioning someone to "come here" then stimulates this area. As many women become aroused, this area begins to swell, increasing from about the size of a pea to perhaps the size of a quarter.

This is an area to explore, but each woman is unique. Some will report pleasurable sensations, some will be indifferent, and some will find it annoying. Since women differ in what they like, a considerate lover will always ask for a woman's feedback when trying something new. Stimulation can then be adjusted to what feels best to her. When next learning about your partner's body, the G Spot area might be an area you will want to playfully (and carefully) explore.

The video titled "The Guide to G-spots & Multiples: The Ultimate O" offers adult education on discovering the pleasures of G-spot stimulation. Find this title on the list of instructional videos.

Dr. Birch writes of the G Spot in both "Oral Caress", where instructions are given on how to combine G Spot stimulation with cunnilingus, and in Pathways to Pleasure. Also, an article on "How to locate your own G Spot," by Dr. Beverly Whipple (coauthor of the first book on the G Spot) is found in the Appendix of Pathways to Pleasure.

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