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Pregnancy and bondage are not two words that you would necessarily expect to go together but they can. In my case, one was a direct result of the other. (giggle)

As you may have guessed I (received!) a visit from the stork. This is my second pregnancy and my first with bondage play.

If you are expecting and plan on remaining sexually active (which is good!) the best advice I can give to take it easy and not over do it. Your body is going through incredible amounts of change right now and you have to remember that.

Especially when playing.

I would not recommend tight or binding clothing during this time. Especially not after you are showing. Also, make sure the restraints are not too tight, as circulation is very important. Your body has to work harder to get the blood and the nutrients to the baby and you don’t want anything to get in the way of that.

Do not let your stomach be bound tightly with rope or a bondage belt for the same reasons as above.

Make sure the knots (or chains) are easily removable. We all know how weak our bladders can be and how fast you can need to make that trip to the bathroom. A quick release is ALWAYS important, but here it just seems more important! *g*

Now everyone is different - but I have found that doggie style is a very nice position for intercourse. Also, if you are experiencing cramps vaginally from missionary you might want to consider having intercourse on your side. It helps to limit the amount of penetration, which can sometimes irritate.

Be aware of your body and the changes happening within. If at any time you are feeling uncomfortable or have any doubts about the safety to your unborn child – Stop! If you have persistent vaginal cramping after intercourse or any other uncomfortable symptoms, talk to your physician. Just remember you have only nine months (and 18 years *g*) that you have to be a slave to the baby growing inside you. Your health is the most important thing in the world. You've got the rest of your life to be tied up (ain't it grand?!)

More Pregnancy Tips & Tricks

Enjoy the changes happening within your body. Believe me, your body will change, whether you like it or not. *giggle * It's best to come to peace with the changes, and enjoy them. Pregnancy only lasts for a short time (even though it may feel like forever somedays), embrace the subtle differences in your body and enjoy them.

Prevent stretch marks by keeping your body, with special attention to your hips, stomach, thighs, and breasts well lotioned. I've found that Palmer's Lotion is the BEST! You can buy it at any Wallgreens around. It actually works much better than the expensive lotions at the baby store. Try to put lotion on your changing areas, at least twice a day (usually morning & night are best).

Stay Active! I can not stress this enough! Walking is an excellent exercise for pregnant women! Make sure your activity is not too strenuous, especially during your last months. Staying active will not only help keep off unwanted and unhealthy weight gains but will keep your spirits up! It's been proven that women who exercise feel better about themselves, and have a higher sex drive! What great motivation!

Stock up on items you know you will need before the baby comes. Whenever I went to the grocery store, I picked up some baby food (4 - 5 jars of food, a box of cereal, etc.), and it really helped take the bite out of our budget. For me, it was easier to spend the extra couple of dollars each week, stocking up before hand, than getting hit with ALL the baby expenses at once. You will be surprised how fast you will go through your "stork stock" . Do not buy baby formula ahead of time. Many children have allergies, and if you stock up on the brand your child is allergic to, you are out of luck. Stores will not generally accept returns of any baby formula (even unopened with a receipt).

Heartburn and pregnancy just seem to go together. Make sure to carry Tums with you! They work great and give you extra calcium! Also, try to stay away from greasy foods, as they really lead to heartburn.

Give your body time to heal after the baby is born. It takes a year for a woman's uterus to go back to normal. Don't expect to get your "old body" back right away. Remember to stay active and eat healthy. It is a cliché...but it works! (and there is a "8 Minute Ab" video out there that I HIGHLY recommend!)

Cramping after sex is very common with pregnant women. To minimize this, I would recommend having intercourse at night right before you go to bed. (for some reason, activity such as walking after sex can sometimes really give you stomach cramps) If you feel that the cramping is bad, or you feel just "not right" - CALL YOUR DOCTOR! Remember!!!!! IT'S ALWAYS BETTER TO BE TOO SAFE...THAN TOO SORRY!! It's not just your health at stake, but your little one's too!






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