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What is latex...
Latex is a natural substance, extracted from the sapth of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) indigenous to Brazil, but are today also grown in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Latex is used in a incredible number of things, from condoms to tires and has a captured the hearts of many fetishists as the highest form of fetish clothing!

What is erotic about latex...
There are serval bottons to push if latex turns you on. Allmost everyone can appriciate the sight of a body wraped in shiny latex. Also the feeling of wearing latex is very unique and special and are often descriped as "a secound skin". There are even some for whom the scent of latex is a major turn on. There are many ways.

But you don't have to get turned on by latex to wear it. Many simply wear it becouce it's looks great, are sexy and are used in the fashion design scene.

How is latex made...
There are two very distinct ways to produce latex clothing and the price clearly reflects that.

There are a relatively cheap "molded" version and the exclusive and much more expensive "glued" designer latex. Molded latex is made by dipping a cast in liquid latex (often in the colors black, red and transparent), afterwards the cast are dried and then baked (vulcanized) in a oven.

Glued latex clothing is made from latex sheeting that is cut after a pattern, having the parts glued together. It's the just the same way you manufacture regular clothing. Gluing latex is an expensive and time consuming process, but the fit is much better! Quality, color and thickness can be customized to the individual.

Clothing made from latex sheeting is repairable. If it gets a rip or the lining fractures, that can't be done with the molded latex. The reason for this is that it's extremely difficult to glue latex that has been vulcanized in an oven.

How to dress up in latex?
When preparing to dress in latex, it’s very important to have plenty of time. Too much stress just makes you sweat and then it’s almost impossible to get it on. It’s also important to remove any jewelry with sharp edges, to avoid rips and tears in the latex. If you have long nails, it’s a good idea to wear a pair of gloves.

Start by applying a lubricant to reduce friction between your body and the inner side of the latex clothing. Fragrance free talcum powder (found at drugstores) or silicone based body lotion (get this at a fetish shop) are the best choices. Some people recommend cornstarch, but I don’t. A biological substance like cornstarch mixed with water (sweat) make an excellent base for bacterial growth and can make your latex smell and rot. NEVER use an oil-based lubricant (like Vaseline), this will dissolve and destroy you latex in no time!

When you have finished squeezing yourself into your latex clothing, it’s time to give it a good polish! To this task it’s preferable to have an assistant, to help polish the hard to reach places – unless you have been practicing yoga for years! There are many brands of polishing agents for latex. I use pure silicone oil, dispensed on spray cans or bottles. Ask you local fetish shop what they recommend.

Start by removing any leftover talcum with a soft moist cloth. Administrate the polishing agent in a fine thin layer that leaves your latex nice and shinning. Some agents need to be polished with a cloth, so study the instructions carefully.

How to undress latex?
So, when you want to get undressed after a long night of partying, it’s important to clean your latex at once. Remove the clothing and soak it in lukewarm water. If you have been sweating a lot, and most do that when wearing latex, you can use some mild soap to get rid of sweat and bad odors.

Gently dry the inner and outer sides with a towel and let it dry. When your latex is finished drying, powder the inner side with talcum so the sides don’t stick together.

Place your clothing on a hanger or fold it gently and put in a plastic bag. Direct sunlight and contact with copper alloys will cause damage and discolorations. Store your latex in a cupboard or another place that is dark and cool, until you need it again.




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