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In my previous article I talked about going to fetish parties, what to get out of it, what happens there. So to wrap up on the "fetish party" subject here are some of the most frequent asked questions people have when it comes to Fetish Parties:

Q: Where do I find a fetish party?
A: If there is a fetish store in the city, you can find flyers there or ask the shop keepers for information. You can also search or ask around on the internet.

Q: What can I expect to see?
A: People dressed in a lot of different attires hanging out, drinking and dancing basically just having a good time.

Q: Is everyone wearing clothes?
A: Some parties has rules about nudity, but if they don’t I can guarantee that you will see partial nudity and most likely also nude bodies.

Q: Can I change at the premises?
A: Yes. Most parties have a dressing room. Change into your fetish attire and drop all your belongings in the cloakroom.

Q: Is there music?
A: Yes. There is one or more DJ's whose job it is to keep the dance floor busy! Techno and dance music are very popular. Some DJ's also plays oldies and pop.

Q: Do people have sexual contact there?
A: Some parties has rules about sexual play at the premises, but if they don’t I can guarantee that will see people making out. Many fetish parties have special places where people can play around. Some hangs out in the "play room" and the more discrete or wild ones go to the "dark room".

Q: Are there only couples?
A: No! There are singles of both sexes. There are a minor overweight of males, but not much. 60% males and 40% females is not unusual.

Q: Are people nice?
A: Yes. People extremely open minded and are very forthcoming towards newcomers. People can be very staid forward and say things very direct.

Q: What if I meet a person I know?
A: So what? Then this person knows "your secret" and you know his or hers! The person is at the party for the same reasons that you are.

Q: What if someone takes my picture?
A: Cameras and video equipment are forbidden at fetish parties. There might be some photographers at the venue, but they don’t take your picture without asking you for permission first.

If you have any question about fetish parties that I did not answer here, please mail it to me.



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