Defining Absolute and Total Power Exchange
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As there are many different opinions and perceptions, and the subject as to what actually defines Absolute and Total Power Exchange or Absolute Slavery, comes up frequently, I will try to define it here, as good as I can using of course my own dreaded common sense, perceptions and experiences.

An absolute Master/slave commitment is one in which the Master holds the absolute and total power over his slave. The agreement between both parties must be a consensual one, in which the slave consented to give her Master all of her personal power, when she accepted her Masters collar. Once the slave has consented to give her Master all of her power, absolutely, total and unconditional, then no further consent is required from there on in, as the Master now holds the absolute power and responsibility over his slave.

A slave has no rights, other then the privileges granted to her by her Master. A slave has no limits other then the boundaries set for her, by her Master. A slave is her Masters property. A Master may do with his slave as he alone sees fit. Absolute and total means 100% and that entails absolute and total submission, obedience and unconditional surrender on the slaves part. A slave cannot release herself from her Masters collar and service, without the explicit agreement and approval of her Master. A slaves only purpose it to serve and please her Master, as/or defined by each individual Master.

As a slave is her Master's property, a Master is completely responsible for his slave's behavior, action and deed, care and safety, health and wellbeing - physically and mentally, and ultimately her life in accordance with God's Law, and/or his own morals, values, standards, ethics and principles.

Any Dominant/submissive commitments which are not Absolute and Total, or in other words are less then 100 %, simply are not APE/TPE, not consensual slavery, but something else.

An Absolute Master and slave relationship or Absolute and Total Power Exchange however is not role play, a past time or a weekend hobby. It is a ultimately binding commitment.

Neither sadomasochism, nor physical or corporal punishment, nor bondage or any other commonly associated activity with BDSM is a requirement of Absolute and Total Power Exchange, except Discipline and Dominance and submission. In fact, not even sex or romantic love or even any kind of love as some will argue, is a requirement of APE/TPE.

The only real requirement for an APE/TPE is absolute commitment along with the usual requirements so often mentioned, such as absolute submission, obedience and unconditional surrender.

Sadomasochism, Sex, or what is commonly understood as scening or play, is usually, even in those APE/TPE commitments that do incorporate these elements, only a small, but not unimportant part of an Absolute and Total Power Exchange commitment.

Naturally, the exact arrangement and composition of an APE/TPE commitment is as usual depending on the individual Master, his interests, needs and wants as well as influences such as time, resources, energy and daily life.

Unfortunately, there are also those who for whatever reason, do not have the slightest intention of Absolute and Total Power Exchange or of ever submitting, obeying, and surrendering unconditional and absolutely, and some even profess themselves to be “teachers” and “mentors”, who now “redefine” Absolute and Total Power Exchange, as simply “doing the best one can or want”, so APE/TPE will fit into their role play relationships. This however is not Absolute and Total Power Exchange. It is simply something else.

That naturally leaves us with the question, when is a APE/TPE commitment really absolute and total or 100%, in a world in which we live, that is actually and spiritually relative and not absolute.

I am afraid the only way to really know if the commitment is absolute and total, is after the fact, in other word after the relationship has ended, for whatever reasons, like release, dissolution or death.

That would leave us only with the mindset of an individual and the depth and intention of his/her commitment. An individual has to belief beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are absolutely and totally committed.

But as absolute and total commitment seldom happens over night, an individuals intention, mindset, determination and goal to work towards Absolute and Total Power Exchange, must then also be a criteria of determining whether one is in an APE/TPE commitment or relationship or not.

I think, Absolute and Total Power Exchange, Absolute Slavery, Consensual Slavery and Absolute Power Transfer, are virtually identical in nature. Although some might argue that it is not really a Power Exchange, but a Power Transfer, I will argue that it is indeed an exchange.

The slave voluntarily gives all her personal power and ultimately her responsibilities to her Master, who in turn voluntarily accepts what is given to him and takes on the power over and the complete responsibility for his slave, and in turn gives his slave “no power” and “no responsibility”. To me this is a classic exchange, as opposed to a transfer.

Just imagine a slave transferring all of her power and responsibility to her “vanilla” partner, who is not prepared or willing to accept that power and responsibility. A chaos would result from this, and the slave ultimately would not be able to survive, unless the slaves partner, would agree to accept that power and in turn allows or gives the slave “no power” and “no responsibility”.

Of course, I could be wrong in my belief that it is indeed an exchange. However, I do not see that it actually matters in the end, as long as the commitment is based on “absolute”, “total”, and 100%.

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