A Pledge To My Submissive

Author: TautLine © 1999

used with permission


I stand in front of you, My eyes, full of compassion and care, looking down on your kneeling form.   

you have offered yourself to Me, your mind, your body, your emotions, and your soul, and for those I pledge you this.   

I shall cherish you not only as My submissive, but as the woman you are, warm, intelligent, caring, and sensitive.   

I shall never intentionally harm you, and although I know, I am not perfect, I shall try to act wisely in all things.   

If I err, I shall rectify My error and I shall apologize to you.   

I shall continually strive to guide you and teach you to help you and support you, as you make the difficult decisions, which precede growth.   

I will be patient, as you grow, knowing that all thiings take time and change often does not come easily.  But even in My patience, I shall continually push you forward and not allow you to fall backwards.  If in anything you do fall, I shall be there to catch you, hold you, comfort you, and then place you back on track.   

If I ever lose My temper, I shall step back from that situation until I regain control, then deal with what has occurred.  I will not act irrationally or hastily, you shall always have the opportunity to explain what has happened, before I decide what must be done, then My actions will always be based on correcting you, not punishing you.   

I shall edify and build you up, always encouraging you and never belittling you, as a submissive or woman.  I will also build trust, being open and honest with you.   

I shall always communicate with you, even when it may not be easy for Me, showing both My strengths and weaknesses.  you shall never fear from Me, for I shall never forget your humanity and shall always honor the gift you have given Me.   

I will never lord My dominance over you.  you are submissive, I am dominant, two sides of the same coin, one by itself is worthless.   

I will treasure you, knowing without you, I have no more than an unfulfilled desire.   

Finally, My love, I pledge I shall love and cherish you, you are Mine, but I am no less yours.  

With that W/we B/both have what W/we have always sought, E/each O/other.


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