Guidelines For Punishment

Author: Master Hyde © 2000

used with permission


The following is an exerpt from an email to the dom_sub discussion list. It is written by MasterHyde and retains his copyright, and is used with his permission. The article is in response to the question "What things do you take into consideration when deciding on a punishment for a sub?". I post them here as a way for others to see that there are many different things that must be taken into consideration before a punishment is meted out.

I'm afraid that every situation is so unique that a general explanation would be so full of disclaimers as to be absolutely useless. Let me just say that I consider a number of factors, which I list below.

1)  The nature and severity of the offense.
2)  The submissive's intent at the time of the offense.
3)  The submissive's history of responding to different kinds of punishment.
4)  The submissive's "hot buttons" if she has any.
5)  The timing and location of the punishment. (private or public, now or later)

Weighing all of these factors together, I may choose to spank one submissive for an offense and send another to the corner for the exact same offense. I do whatever is most effective and practical at the time. On occasion, I may use more creative punishments, but I find that explaining my disappointment 
and giving the submissive a simple punishment to drive it home is usually all that is required. I also demand compensation in the form of an apology to myself or another offended party and whatever is practical to set the situation right again. If the submissive was careless and damaged another's property, she is responsible to repair or replace it.

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